no shifting of playing techniques horizontally ??

Hello to the team of Dorico,
I wanted to change playing techniques like “arco or pizz” horizontally, but unfortunately no reaction. Vertically no problem. Enclosed the video.

kind regards

It is indeed broken in Dorico 3. Daniel said it will be fixed in the next update here:

( You can shift individual ones by control+alt+l/r arrowkeys … )

Thanks to the Dorico community for the quick answers. In large scores all “arc.” by control+alt+l/r (???); but help can be seen on the horizon. I also hope for the manual in German 2020; maybe it will be a bit quieter here.


Dorico 2 manuals in German, Japanese, French, and Italian are now published - my forum post about it with direct links to the different manuals is here, and you can also reach them using the selecting tools on the website :slight_smile: