No signal through inserts - Cubase AI Elements 11

Hi All.
I don’t know how to explain this, but it looks like signal from inputs is bypassed to everything (on recording session). (all bypass buttons are inactive) No matter if i try to edit EQ on the mixer, or as an insert it just do nothing. Compressor on the mixer and as Insert plugin, do nothing. Channel volume bar jumping but all effects has missing soundwave line - like everything is bypassed. Tried everything. It must be, I pressed some keyboard shortcut I’m not aware and it disabled (or bypassed) all possible sound manipulation.
Sorry if description is poor, I can clarify if you ask some questions.


Is it maybe a case like this one?
Effect Inserts-No Input signal - Virtual instruments / Virtual Effects and Add-ons - Steinberg Forums

Disabling direct monitoring seems to be the solution, if it is the same issue.


Make sure the Constrain Delay Compensation button is disabled.

Looks like this, but I can’t understand solution:

deactivate DM to hear the FX

what’s DM means and where to find it?

It took me a while to find this button, but it turned out it was disabled already. I’ve checked on enabled as well and same result. I can open VST plugins, but even activated do not module the sound. EQ, Fader, nothing. Like sound was not coming to Inserts at all.

I hope this picture can make it easier to understand what’s going on.

It has to be some global setting, because it’s like that in every project, new, saved. All steps done same way as usually.

I checked all possibly related settings and nothing. I’m dying. lol

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Direct monitoring is enabled according to the screenshot, it is the loudspeaker icon next to the record button. As far as I understand, it bypasses processing, probably one of the reasons/functions is to reduce the latency when recording.

Hopefully it is the reason behind this issue, more info here:
ASIO Direct Monitoring (


This is not Direct Monitoring. This is Monitor button. If the button is enabled, you hear the signal from the input, not from the track. If the button is disabled, you hear the recorded signal from the track.

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Thanks for advice but it’s not that but it’s as well part of the issue. With this monitor icon disabled, I can’ hear my bass I’m playing on. If icon is orange, then I can hear, but EQ, Inserts and everything is not modulating final sound.

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Make sure the Constrain Delay Compensation button is disabled, please.