No Sound at all in Dorico 3

Hi there,

So I’ve upgraded to Dorico 3 Pro from Dorico 2 Pro and am unfortunately having problems with getting any playback sounds either through computer speakers or headphones (This issue affects both Halion and Note Performer sounds [I’ve installed the workaround that fixed the template issue with this package]). My system is Mac Mojave (latest version). I only have a basic setup (simple USB keyboard with no built in sounds). Unplugging the keyboard doesn’t remedy the playback issue. I’ve tried doing a clean reinstall of Dorico as well as a reinstall of the Halion package, but this had no effect on the problem. (I still have Dorico 2 Pro installed, which is working fine, thankfully, even using the new Halion sounds correctly).

I’ve tried changing various settings on the left-hand side of the Play window, but no joy with this either. The only difference I can discern between the loading of either playback templates using the Playback Template command on the Play menu (or on the dropdown menu on the right) is that the windows for either Note Performer or Halion do not appear automatically (these can be viewed, but you have to select the Edit Instrument button under VST instruments on the right-hand side of the page). The appearance of the edit instrument window for both Halion and Note Performer show the correct instrument, but in the case of the Halion window the keyboard at the bottom doesn’t produce any sounds. Also when playback is initiated the computer rapidly heats up, which I would think definitely suggests the system is struggling to overcome some sort of glitch.

Any assistance with this would be greatly appreciated.

Sorry to hear about this problem. Have you tried restarting your computer? Can you also try deleting the VSTAudioEngine3 folder in /Users/your-username/Library/Preferences, then restart Dorico and see whether it helps?

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for getting back to me. Unfortunately restarting doesn’t help. I had trouble locating the VSTAUdioEngine3 Folder under Preferences, but located it using Spotlight and deleted it directly after showing it in the desktop. All this did was bring up an error message that the audio engine had died in the splash screen so I reinstalled the application and everything loaded as usual, but still no playback.

Have you checked the audio device (built-in audio)?
I think it was set to the first on the list the first time I started Dorico 3 (Apowersoft…) instead of my ur242 or built-in audio. Just a shot in the dark.

Behaviour on my Windows 10 machine is the following:

Start: The splash screen shows that the audio engine is connecting.
New project or opening a project: No sound on note entry or when selecting notes.
Playback of what is already written: First a screaching noise, and from then on the sound is active, also on note entry.

I already deleted the folder C:\Users(my username)\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\VSTAudioEngine3_64. After restart of Dorico 3 it is rebuilt, and the audio engine connects. But the behaviour stays the same. I can do my work like this, but there really seems to be a problem.

If this is already answered, please just point me to the right place. Thanks!

hbalmer, have you carefully reviewed the settings in Edit > Device Setup to make sure you’ve got an appropriate output, buffer size, and so on selected? It seems like that’s probably the cause of the problem you’re experiencing.

CJS, can you please do Help > Create Diagnostic Report and attach the resulting zip file from your desktop here?

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Dear Daniel, thank you for the prompt answer. I just increased the buffer size – and yes, the problem is solved. Great! Best regards, Hans

Here’s the zip file Daniel, I wasn’t certain it went through the first time, so have resubmitted


Dorico (362 KB)

My thanks to MarcLarcher. His suggestion worked, so please ignore my previous post with the zip file Daniel. I have been using Dorico since it’s very first release and I just want to thank Daniel and his team for this product which has truly revolutionised my composing life - huge gratitude to everyone involved in Dorico’s (ongoing) development.

Also can’t wait for graphics capabilities (lines, boxes etc) to be added.

Thanks again

Thanks CJS, so glad I could help!


I have recently downloaded the trial version of Dorico Pro 3, and I have a similar problem of not being able to hear any sound when using the program. I tried all of the solutions listed above, but none of them have worked. I have attached my Dorico diagnostics file. Please let me know if you have a solution.

Thanks, and I’m incredibly excited to get to explore Dorico!
Dorico (292 KB)

Welcome to the forum. It looks like possibly the HSO sounds are not installed. If you run Steinberg Library Manager, does “HALion Symphonic Orchestra” show up as one of the installed libraries? Your diagnostics look OK to me (though I’m not either Paul or Ulf, who are the real experts about audio issues). In the meantime, please make sure you’ve tried everything in this troubleshooting video.

Hi RAJOFBEEMS1, the diagnostics look pretty normal. Sound files are all installed, as it seems, so I would expect audio to come out via your built-in speakers, if that is where you expect sound to come out from.

Please do following: From the hub window, create a piano project from the ‘solo piano’ template and add a few arbitrary notes. Then go to Play Mode and open up the HALion Sonic SE editor window. When you play on the on-screen keyboard with the mouse, does sound come out, or does the window show any metering activity at the top middle?
When you are in that state, please do create another diagnostics report and attach here. Thanks

Hi Daniel and Ulf,

Thank you for the quick responses! I have figured out that after restarting my computer, the sound came through my computer speakers. However, I would like to have the sound come out of my headphones, but the output does not show when I go to the audio device setup. I have attached another diagnostics report in that state that you said. Sorry for getting back to you late.
Dorico (290 KB)

Please go to Edit > Device Setup. In that dialog is a button called ‘Device Control Panel’. Click on that and another little window opens. In the middle is a list of available output ports, does your headphone turn up in that list? If yes, please select it by ticking the radio button in front. If not, toggle the option ‘Allow ASIO hosts to take exclusive…’ at the top of that window. Does the headphone then appear in the list of output ports?
Also, quite often on laptops, if you plug in a headphone to the headphone jack, the speakers get switched off and sound comes through the headphones instead.

Turning off the “Allow ASIO hosts to take exclusive…” option allowed me to send the output through my headphones now; however, now I am encountering a problem where the scroller is not moving when I try to do the playback. Also, I have the HSO sounds installed, but I’m getting no sound out of the HALion Sonic SE editor when I try to play on the on-screen keyboard. In fact, when I pull it up, none of the sounds are present on the left in the editor. The only thing that I get when I try to play on the keyboard is the midi symbol flashing next to the 1 at the top of the screen.

Regarding your first problem, go to the Device Setup dialog and in there set the sample rate to a different value, wait for 3 seconds and then change it back. That should get the playback going again.
Regarding HALion Sonic, try loading the sounds again by applying the default template. In Play mode, choose from the menu Play > Playback Template and then choose the HSO template. Does the list on the left side fill up then?

Yes! That has now solved all of my problems. Thank you so much for your timely help! Extremely excited to start exploring Dorico!

Hello Ulf, I’m experiencing the same problem, attached is my diagnostic file.
I’m using a STEINBERG UR12 audio interface
Can you please help, thanks.

Dorico (1.42 MB)

Hi Massimo, actually, at first sight the logs show nothing unusual, therefore I’m a little puzzled.
What are the exact symptoms with you?
Also no sound during note input? Does the green play cursor move when you hit play?
What in the HALion Sonic editor window, when you click with the mouse on the on-screen keyboard, is there any activity shown in that window then, some metering flickering?
Do you have the latest driver for UR-12? Please check here:

A completely different note, you are on Dorico 3.0.10, but there is already 3.1 available. The update is free for you.