No Sound at all on Macbook Air M1

Hello, and thanks for any help you can give!

No sound for input, playback, not even a metronome beep. Tried some of the sample scores as well as my own. Attaching some screenshots of what might be relevant.

Restarted the computer. Tested other apps like itunes and computer sound works.
Everything else seems to work fine.

Screen Shot 2021-04-20 at 1.01.53 PM|500x102

In your second screenshot - the core audio device settings - there doesn’t appear to be an output ticked. If you tick that output do you get sound?

Note that (at least on my 2019 i9 MacBook Pro) Dorico won’t automatically switch between headphones and the built-in speakers. Apple have instructions on how to set up an aggregate device, which will make it possible for this switching to take place automatically: see Combine multiple audio interfaces by creating an Aggregate Device – Apple Support

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Thanks Leo, I just wanted to point that out myself.


Thanks for responding!

There’s no option to select anything when I click on it. It’s just empty.

I noticed that in the “output configuration” the speakers were not checked. I checked that and it didn’t seem to make any difference.

GOT IT! After checking the"output configuration" selection, I restarted Dorico. There was a “1,” in the output device box, and now it works.

I’ve never been so happy to hear the Dorico beep.

Thanks @Ulf and @pianoleo for responding so quickly. I don’t understand how you can do that when I can’t even get someone to help me at the local supermarket when I’m there in person.

Well I’d hazard a guess that Ulf’s on more than minimum wage and genuinely enjoys his job, and I’m not paid to be here but enjoy my, erm, hobby :wink:


Thank you guys so much. Wasn’t so much ripping on supermarket workers (I love them all! thank you!) as much as being amazed at how this forum, and more specifically the people on it, solves my problems so quickly. It seems like a miracle.