No sound during playback (new user)

Hello. I just installed Dorico SE on a macbook air. I am working on a piano score. But when I hit the play button to listen to the score, there is no sound. I’ve installed everything that came with the installation package. Any ideas? Thanks!

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Plenty of threads in the forum deal with this in different ways. Here is one.

Hello Derrek. Thanks for the idea. Of the things mentioned in that thread, I can play all the scores that came with the installation no problem. I don’t get any errors at any time. This is only happening on a new score created from scratch for piano. I noticed one comment that suggested “re-applying a playback template”, but I don’t see readily how to do that, so maybe that is something else I can try. Also, here is the diagnostic file.
Dorico (384.5 KB)

In Play mode (cmd-4), Play menu>Playback Template, choose the appropriate one, Apply and Close :wink:

Oh man, that did it. So simple. Thank you so much, both of you!

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