No sound from exported Sibelius XML file

I’m not getting playback from an exported XML file. I am getting sound from other Dorico files though. I’ve tried everything - CC data, loading VST instruments, playback templates in preferences, changing the Setup Page’s instrument for each individual player, and more.

Here’s a video showing what’s happening:

I read these 3 playback threads but they didn’t solve my issue:

1.) Frequently asked questions: try this thread first

2.) Playback an XML file from Sibelius

3.) Xmls from sibelius doesn't have playback sound - #2 by pianoleo

Any help?

I’ll attach my Dorico project file here if it helps.

example.dorico (345.8 KB)

Hi Walt, you are using a VSTinstrument that I don’t have, but when I go to Play mode and then choose from the menu ‘Play > Playback Template’, then the ‘HSSE + HSO’ template, it does play back for me. Please try the same.

Hi Ulf! I was going to email this to you but figured you were asleep. I found that my mixer’s master volume was on zero - I had to scroll all the way to the right of the mixer.

I came back here to update the post (or delete it entirely) and you beat me to it. I guess I’ll leave it up now. I’m really loving Dorico. Thanks so much.

To clarify - I think my mixer was too low, although the volume wasn’t “zero”. I also just did a restart which could have been the solution too. I was pressing so many things as the night got longer (morning got longer?), so I’m not sure exactly what solved it.

I’m an early bird :wink:
But I’m glad to hear it is solved.

I’m a late night bird. So this is perfect haha. I do recall that the first time I got sound was when I opened up the sampler and pushed the piano keys and that seemed to have “reset” the engine in some way. Because I was suddenly getting sound. So I went back to Write Mode and sure enough the notes were playing. I tried to reproduce the occurrence, but was unable to. I’m getting a new laptop next month, so I’m sure I’ll have to encounter this unique scenario again.

I tried exporting other MusicXML files just now and they’re all playing back perfectly. So I’m happy that it’s working, but sad that I don’t know exactly why now. Ok time for bed. Thanks again!