No sound from speakers when I run any soundtrack in Cubase 12

I am new and learning how to use Cubase. The issue is that I get no sound from Cubase 12. When I launch Cubase 12 and open a project, I get a window with the title “Missing Ports”. It says I have 2 missing ports:

  1. “Speakers (Realtek (R) Audio) 1”: Stereo Out - Left
  2. “Speakers (Realtek (R) Audio) 1”: Stereo Out - Right
    Then, in the column I/O it says “out” for both.
    Then, in the column “Mapped ports” it says in red “Unmapped” for both.

Some additional information:
In Project Setup I have a sample rate of 48.000khz and Bit depth of 16 bit. In windows sound setting I also have 16bit, 48000Hz.
In Studio Setup I only have the ASIO Driver option “Generic Low Latency ASIO Driver”

I appreciate detailed guidance, please, as I am new to this. Thank you!

Usually people tend prefer ASIO4ALL over the Generic driver with onboard audio, as it has a lower latency.
There is a how to from a forum member here about that:

In that thread you’ll also find a link to an extensive tutorial for properly setting up windows audio.

Hi fese. Thank you very much for all the information you shared with me. I have installed ASIO4ALL and things look better… but I have not been able to get sound out of Cubase 12 yet. However, let me check all the information you sent me more carefully in the next few days, I’ll do some more research and testing and then I’ll let you know how it goes. Thanks again for your help!

I think you just need to remap them in the audio settings. Make sure they are active and that you choose the right outputs and inputs.

You don’t say if you get a waveform when you record.

Asio4all is good, If you do have a laptop make sure you always listen back with headphones or external speakers.

Dear Bogmore and Fese, thank you both so much for your help, I really appreciate every single piece of information you provided. I followed all your instructions and comments and I was able to get sound out of Cubase.

oh! :cry:My Cubase Pro 11 has the same problem!Although he is not the latest :face_with_monocle: