How to: Realtek/ASIO4ALL laptop settings

I see several users having difficulties with a quite common setup, i.e. a Windows laptop with Realtek internal AUDIO and ASIO4ALL audio driver. Just for the reference of a working setup, here you are my relevant working settings.

Studio → Studio Setup → Audio System:

Studio → Studio Setup → ASIO4ALL:

Studio → Studio Setup → ASIO4ALL → Control Panel (click the bottom right cogwheel):
03 Cubase A4A CP

Studio → Audio Connections → Outputs (internal speakers):

Studio → Audio Connections → Outputs (headphones):

Hope it helps.


Nice guide, can I add a link to mine ?

yes of course.

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Good job! You see so many posts here with questions regarding this exact topic, it was time someone made a nice little tutorial. Gonna bookmark this and throw it at people from now on :wink: