No sound in Cubase on tracks with volume automation

Shouldn’t Steinberg be TELLING us its fixed? As far as I know, they have not answered ANY support emails on this subject, seemingly they have chosen to totally ignore anyone who has approached them about it. Bizarre.

Umm - it’s in the version history (pdf) file? It seems to me B-14887 (page5) and B-15605 (page 6) are referring to it?
I could be wrong though.

The update is released today, and is announced on the forum. You will probably see it soon in your start screen when you launch Cubase, so it will be hard to miss. I don’t know if they will send a personal mail to everybody that had this bug, but I doubt it. They would need a database about every bug and every user that has been “connected” to it to keep track of that.

I’m experience a different form of the bug. The problem will occur but not lock-out for the remainder of the session. Right now, I’ve been playing a piano patch and while recording or working in the key editor… sound will just stop for that channel.

BUT… hit stop. Close the editor or choose a different channel and return… sound is back to normal.

I guess this is another and different problem/bug than the VCA linked fader problem?

BON-14543 in the Cubase buglist is what I believe describes this, .

I don’t see that as one of the fixes in the official Steinberg pdf document, .

So I guess that means it is not officially fixed???

I’m probably installing 8.5.10 next weekend, assuming I can do the trial (I’m not sure if the trial is just for 8.0, or 8.10). If so, I’ll check it out and if it is fixed for me will post back here.


This is officialy fixed. Both issues are linked (the same, in fact).

Thanks for that Martin! I see you’ve posted that you no longer have the bug. Is it listed in the Steinberg website or official .pdf of bug fixes, that BON-14543 was fixed?

Hi Martin - how do you mean “officially” fixed? as I understood it, the official line was that the sound issue with connection to VCA faders was officially fixed, but not where there was no connection with VCA faders. did I miss something somewhere?


Martin, is your “officially fixed” characterization based on official Steinberg communication (and if so, is that something available on the forum/elsewhere), or based on something else?

Please forgive my ignorance, and no offence intended, but are you a Steinberg employee, and thus your post is the official announcement of the fix (to the non-VCA related volume dropout when automation is used)? [Please see my post on this page of 14 Feb at 2337 for BON #, etc].

Thanks -

This is the problem that brought me to the forums. I’m not sure if it’s a different issue or not. For me, when the midi key editor gets focus, all of my audio stops. When I click back on the project window, I get my audio back. As near as I can tell, the issue just started for me with this maintenance update. I’m running Win10 with Cubase 8.5.1 pro.

:arrow_right: EDIT…
I just discovered my problem at least. A newbee mistake from a long time user. Hopefully it’ll help a couple of you.
At the very top left in the key editor (midi and sample), there’s a button called “solo editor”. It’s an “S” within a circle. If that’s selected, and in certain circumstances, it will mute all of your audio when the editor has focus.
PHEW! Back to mixing.


Yes, I’m a Steinberg employee, but I’m not authorized to make any official Steinberg announcement.

In this case not only the Audio Tracks are muted. In fact all tracks, but the one (or some) its data are currently displayed in the editor are muted.

Ok. Can you point to where there is an official announcement this problem has been fixed, or should we assume it has not been?

Regardless, thank you for your replies and involvement here.

This thread was very helpful. Thank you for posting.

I was having the same issue with version 8.0.30.

Going to go upgrade now so I can get version 8.5.10.


I’m having this problem on my lead vocal track. It came out of nowhere. Mastering tomorrow, or maybe not. Thanks Steinberg!

It’s great that you’re upgrading but remember you shouldn’t feel you have to. Steinberg need to fix this for 8.0.XX users too - free of charge!!

This is my issue. Every single thing that’s in a VCA fader is silent.

Did you guys upgrade to 8.5.15? If I understand the version history right, all the VCA fader bugs were fixed there … ?

This bug is fixed in 8.5.10 already. 8.5.15 fixed issue with scroll-mouse-wheel. As far as I know, there is no known issue in the VCA area, now.