No sound in Cubase on tracks with volume automation

I noticed one other strange characteristic. When I open a project with the problem, none of the tracks play sound. Then if I disable automation read and slightly move those faders all the sound plays on every track. Then if I re-enable automation read on a track, that track & only that track stops playing - the other tracks continue to play even though they initially didn’t.

raino - same behaviour here on affected projects. I just opened a mix this morning of a track I had been working on in 8.5 without issue. This morning the Mute bug is present. The vocal and an organ track which has automation written will not sound. When I load the same project in 8.03 it all works fine. Tried saving from 8.03 and going back to 8.5 but did not fix the problem.

I’m bumping this thread. How are you getting on with fixing this issue Steinberg?

It has to be said that on a professional level, letting this bug through seems pretty shoddy.

I sure hope you’re prioritising this for a quick patch. It’s embarassing if it happens in front of clients

Need a fix for this NOW as it’s holding up a session.

Yep +1 this needs fixing urgently please!


Reloading the project eventually corrects this issue for me but I agree. I don’t think I had this issue until 8.5. This needs correction ASAP. The eLicense loading errors are equally as irritating. This need addressing ASAP. Had it forever.

After writing yesterday I found another thread which says theyre working on this issue for a soon-to-be -released update.

I’ll try and find a link later but it’s reassuring

Thanks! , and yes please I’d love to read that link!

I guess this is the post you’re referring to.

I had this issue as well but it seemed to have fixed itself. I am on a PC and did a bunch of outstanding Windows 7 updates and it went away.

I also discovered that if you clicked on the fader and held the button (even if you didn’t move the fader) the audio would come back but as soon as you let go, it would disappear again. The project did not exhibit the same issue in 8.0.3. So strange but it seems to be fixed now.

Thanks Grim. That was indeed it.

Thanks, Grim!

… I’m telling you today the ‘silence on automated tracks’ and ‘flickering when using slice/pencil/line tools’ issues are fixed in 8.5.10 …

From a moderator in that post.

Additionally, someone else posted that they heard (read?) from Steinberg that 8.5.10 is expected to come out within the next two weeks or so. That is of course 2nd/3rd-hand info to me.

But all in all, very hopeful and encouraging, in terms of functionality and communication.

Damn I’m getting this,and it,makes Cubase impossable to Mix in,this is really a drag,means I have to render all my tracks and export so I can mix in Pro Tools.
When is this going to get fixed?

BAAAAH… buggered again by the automation mute. Been creatively blocked for days… no time, no ideas, etc.
Finally have a minute, open a project, and get an idea. Start play hit a chord… POOF… sound stops on that channel.

Keep this thread alive and hot with reports people. It’s obviously on the list for a patch… but no reason to not report our “experiences” to the developers. :smiling_imp:

This is taken out of context. The moderator was saying he CANT promise the above as it might not be delivered when the software team deliver the update. However, I hope your right. Its a massive problem

I’ll add another footnote about this… Right now a project has the bug on just one track. Other tracks are not effected. I can duplicate the effected track, and the problem remains.

So this isn’t a project wide effect… apparently it can effect only one track at a time.

Also… renaming the project doesn’t help. Opening in 8.0.20 did fix the problem. I saved and tested with 8.5.0 again… the problem remains.

Can someone with 8.5.10 check to see if this is fixed now?

8.5.1 has not been released yet

Earlier today.


I cannot reproduce the issue anymore with 8.5.10. Seems to be fixed.