No sound in Dorico 4

Hey all,

I just installed Dorico 4 and no matter if I pick the Hal Lion sounds or the BBCSO (I use the downloaded expression maps so there is also no problem with that) I get no sound at all. I followed the steps in the FAQ and chose the low latency Asio Drivers, I still can get NO sound. When I open the instance of Hal Lion or BBCSO and press the keyboard keys there is also no sound played.

I would really appreciate your help because I just bought the BBCSO and Dorico to finally make good music with it and now it doesn’t work.

I’m on Windows, btw.

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Hi @PurpleRevMusic , welcome to the forum.
First let’s stick to HALion Sonic SE and try to get sound out. BBCSO is another beast to tame.
For a beginning it is best to start with a new project from piano template and just enter a couple of arbitrary notes. So no sound even when you play back or click the on-screen keyboard in the HALion window, right?
Then please go to Edit > Device Setup. What does it say there as stereo outputs? Is that the expected output? Click on the Device Control Panel button, a new little window appears. In the middle is a list of output ports, is something appearing there with you, or is the expected output not listed? Then try to toggle the switch at the top saying something about ‘exclusive access’; does that change something in the list?

Thank you for the reply.

There is nothing I can chose from Streo Output. It’s just blank. In the device Control Panel it shows my speakers.

After several restarts it works, now. I don’t know what the problem was, I didn’t do anything differently I just restarted the laptop a few times and now it shows my speakers in the Stereo Output and I hear sound.

Problem solved, thanks!

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J’ai également un problème lorsque je veux installer sounds content pour dorico 4

Hi @tugobunabof , what if you download the contents via this Steinberg webpage, do you still get the same error?

I have this problem repeatedly. Dorico crashes, won’t playback, or some other problem arises for no reason. Eventual restarts cure the problem only for it to return later randomly on other projects. Version 4 is BUGGY.

Hi @bobsabin, next time you have no audio, please do from Dorico’s menu Help > Create Diagnostics Report and post the corresponding zip file here. Similarly if you have crashes ; restart Dorico and create a diagnostics report and post here. Thanks