No Sound in Other Programs

Hi friends
I am using Cubase 10 on a Windows 10 PC. I’m having issues with playing sound in other programs. I looked through all the youtube videos and forums but all the suggested solutions don’t seem to fix my problem. → I checked the release driver button in cubase and also unchecked the exlusive mode mark in advanced sound settings on windows.

When I am working in Cubase I do have sound, and when i click somewhere besides the cubase window, the sound disappears. I can also click on a youtube video and watch it, so the sound does work but just not simultaneously. Also when i play on my midi keyboard while the youtube sound is playing (and cubase therefore muted) it will play it with delay, when i return to the cubase window.

I hope anyone can help me. Thank you so much!


Search for the Release ASIO Driver when Application is in Background in the Studio Setup > Audio System, please.

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Please follow these steps.

Additional information.


that felt really counter-intuitive to uncheck the box, that everyone said to check. but it worked, thank you!!

No problem !

Yes, it indeed feels very counter intuitive, especially once you’ve read the manual.
This setting is a legacy feature from decades ago, where most of the audio interfaces were not multi-client compatible, so now it is obsolete since almost all of the hardware/drivers released in the last ten years ARE multi-client compatible.
The only exceptions are when you are using the Generic Low Latency ASIO Driver, which is also nothing more than obsolete, and a few high-end interfaces.

Apparently Steinberg prefers not to mention the multi-client thing anywhere and let people struggle with the Release Driver button and their obsolete drivers.

I am working on a definitive guide on how to configure the computer properly, with everything gathered in a single post.

That would be really helpful, since there are a lot of people struggling when they begin with the program. Thank you anyway!

Even though I hate fruity loops, I found out that with the FL Studio ASIO you can have sound in all applications on your computer. You can just install the FL Studio Demo, and then uninstall it, without uninstalling the ASIO. Now that ASIO Driver is not the highest quality you can get, and for recording, I would always use the Generic Lower Latency ASIO Driver. But yeah, you can give it a try if you wanna watch like a YouTube sound design tutorial and follow the steps at the same time.

Hell no ! This is the one not to use because it is not multi-client as I explained above…
The best is to use your audio interface driver, or if you don’t have one or want to use channels from other devices, then use the now updated ASIO4ALL.

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You don’t need sound from other applications when you’re recording! Also I’ve used the ASIO4ALL and I can’t hear sound in other apps with that either!

I have given a link explaining what to do in the post that was marked as the solution…