No sound on Video

I have a new project. Sounds are good, but sound of my attached video are not there…Dorico 4. Also my old device setup is missing, and this one does not allow me to choose headphones…

Hi @gdayswu , could it be that your issue is the same as described here ?

It’s possible. I’ve just never had any issues before Dorico 4 so I feel like my settings were changed somehow

Greg Day
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Does anyone see anything wrong with what I have here?
Project.dorico (545.6 KB)
I don’t hear any audio that goes with the video… I am using the video to write along with it…

Hi @gdayswu , first of all, please don’t always open a new threads on the same topic. It makes tracking so difficult.

Second, is it possible that you also provide the video file? Because that is not part of the Dorico project. If you can’t post it publicly, can you send it to ‘u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de’? Full confidentiality guaranteed from my side.
Note: Dorico extracts the audio from the video file to a temporary location and picks it up from there for playback.

You can use the free software MediaInfo to determine the audio codec used by the video file you’re using:

You can check this against the list of supported codecs in Dorico’s video engine:

It may also be the case that if you have changed audio output device on your system, you’re now using a different sample rate than the one you originally used when first attaching your video to your project, in which case the soundtrack will have been extracted at the original sample rate and may no longer be able to be played back.

If you think this may be the case, then detach the video from your flow:

Then rename the video file on your disk so it has a different filename, and re-attach it again.

Obviously I have the same issue. In Dorico 3.5 the same video works fine and with sound, in Dorico 4 the sound is missing. According to media info the audio format is AAC LC (Video MPEG-4 Visual).

Have you tried all of the steps in my previous post, e.g. checking your sample rate, detaching the video, re-attaching it after renaming the file, etc.?

Hi Daniel,

I have done all but not yet tried the rename of the file…will do hopefully today…

Yes I have tried all steps. Please note: In Dorico 3.5 the same video works (fully i.e. with sound).
Same audio settings, output device etc.

Can you share the video with us?

Too big to upload and links (to Dropbox) are not allowed here in comments.
But - I converted the video slightly and then - wonder! - it worked.
Unfortunately I cannot exactly tell what was the crucial change but problem for me is solved. :slightly_smiling_face: