No Sound Playback

I have successfully made a recording using a Zoom R16 device into Cubase LE AI Elements 6 but am unable to hear any sound playback, the waveforms are present in my recording file and the mixer volume moves up and down. I have set up the Zoom R16 device appropriately in device settings and the VST connections but am still getting no audio. I am able to playback other program’s audio such as iTunes through the Zoom R16 outputs, it’s only the Cubase program’s audio that doesn’t seem to be working and I’m all out of ideas as to why. I use a Macbook Pro OS X 10.9.3 if that’s relevant. Please can you help me.

Have you disabled the track’s monitor button after recording and before playback?

You no doubt need to open your CONNECTIONS panel in the Devices header of your Project. You will probably find that you have not assigned your outputs. Cubase will show you what is available and typically this will be thru your audio interface.

No doubt.

Or, you could simply wait (mr. roos) and see if the OP is ever going to get back in touch. Perhaps the first suggestion is sufficient?

No doubt … :unamused: .

When I record on Cubase elements AI 8. The wave form seems to be present. There is audio signal at the gauge meter.
However, no sound can be heard on playback. Only the metronome can be heard during recording which is coming from my Steinberg UR22 Interface. So what when wrong here guys? Anybody can help me out? Much appreciated. Thanks

i have the same issue with cubase ai 11. i can hear the metronome but not the wave. i am using windows 10 and a yamaha MG-10XU mixer.

Go into studio and check audio connections. If you have a 2 channel audio interface output you need at least a stereo input and 2 mono input channels.
On the output you need a stereo output.
Make sure you have the right driver set up for your interface.
On your recorded wav file in the inspector for that channel make sure the output is set to stereo.
Also in studio settings check all inputs and outputs are ticked as
I’ve just been through the meters moving but no sound when I tried to use another interface which was getting signal from my bass not sounding in Cubase. but ended up having to start from scratch and delete all inputs and outputs and re add them.