No "Start/Stop" in transport options for Midi Remote?

I’m having to rebuild my Generic Remote (ugh), and in Cubase 11 I had a button assigned to “Transport | Start/Stop”. In Cubase 12, however, there isn’t a combined “Start/Stop”, only separate “Start” and “Stop” functions. Is that right? Do I now have to use TWO buttons?

As far as I remember, Start/Stop has always been in the Key Commands section and not in the Transport section for the Generic Remote.

Consistent with that, in the new Midi Remote it’s also in the Key Commands section, specifically the Key Commands > Transport.

Searching for StartStop should also show it.

Please use the Transport section in the Functions Browser. The Key Commands do not transmit changes back to the hardware.

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Unfortunately the Transport Section does not have a StartStop, while the commands section has it.

And in some hardware controllers there is no stop button, but the idea is to use the PLAY button as a StartStop.

I’ve mapped this kind of controller (NI MaschineMK2, NI Maschine Jam) successfully via the Generic Remote by linking it twice to the same MIDI message:

On the Generic Remote input, that midi message is connected to the Key Command StartStop - and on the Generic Remote output is is connected to the Transport Play.

That was the only way I could get the proper bi-directional behavior for a single PLAY button.

I’ve not been able to figure out a way to map a midi message differently for input and output in the new MIDI Remote, so found myself forced to keep using the Generic Remote for the time being.

If you map to Transport/Start only and not to Stop, it will act as Start/Stop toggle. No extra Stop-button necessary. We found that issue ourselves in the beta phase already :wink:


I think I just figured it out - it needs the exact right combination of settings in the remote controller AND in the Cubase MIDI Remote.

See my post below

But the double click on the stop button makes you return to the position. from which it started, which is very useful. I hope you have a solution.

Just got it to work as (@Jochen_Trappe suggested) for my Maschine Jam:

The remote controller is set to Gate behavior:

And the Cubase Midi Remote is set to Jump and Toggle On


Thank you @Jochen_Trappe !!

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I ended up mapping another button the the Key Command Stop (not the Transport).

And now I have the best of both worlds: A PLAY button that does StartStop and a STOP Button that returns to the prior starting point, when pressed while the Transport is already stopped.

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