No update of the Expression Map system!

Very disappointing that the expression map system wasn’t updated, from the information I can read. Studio One and Digital Performer is far ahead!


I found also very sad and disappointed that the Expression map system was not updated!! Its functionality is very primitive in comparison with the other DAW (I use Logic Pro X for example).

Steinberg: you are not treating the customer that work with orchestral libraries well. So many complaints about the expression maps, and also recognized bugs by your support was not addressed in this 12 version. Very disappointing. I hope an update of the Expression Maps system will come.

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Agreed! I came here to complain about this as well.

Updating the Expression Maps system is high on our list. Unfortunately we haven’t been able to provide improvements for Cubase 12.


Completely agree. I am very much disappointed as well. You’d think Steinberg who made Expression Maps in the first place wouldn’t have let other DAWS catch up and surpass them in this regard :(. I’m glad to hear a moderator responded to say it is on the high list. Thanks for communicating this at least. It is just sad that the priority wasn’t high enough to make the cut for version 12. Please improve or makeover the expression map system.

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@Matthias_Quellmann I would like to firstly say thanks for the new version, I’m a happy user. I was among those people who were expecting an update ragarding offset delay in the expression maps feature. I’m not here to blame or anything as I understand like you said you and your team doesn’t have time but that it’s high on your list. I just would like to know if it’s possible that this feature comes in a futur update of cubase 12 since it’s probably what I’m waiting for the most and I suppose I’m not alone. Just to have some info regarding this subject would be very nice.

Again no blame at all and again thanks for the amazing job you did for us Cubase users.

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YESSSS please update the expression maps, so that the chosen articulation does not reset when pressing record or after pressing stop!!! Please Steinberg!!!

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Please vote on the top of this thread labeled Expression Map - Helpful Additions which is the official voting ranking for Steinberg: Expression Map - Helpful Additions - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

It is currently the 2nd most voted feature. Let our voices be heard so expression maps can be improved/revamped like it deserves to be after all these years!

Especially because the aren’t loaded when importing tracks from another project!

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