No valid license found for: speaker impulse

ever since I updated to Nuendo 5.1.1 I get…

“license error. No valid license found for: speaker impulse responses”

…every time I launch Nuendo.

How can I make it stop?

No body knows what this dialog refers to?
Nobody knows why I’m nagged with this message every time I run Nuendo?

What IR type plugins do you have installed?

Only altiverb. And I’ve never seen this message until installing n5.1.1.

Download and install latest eLicensers?


Works fine here…AltiVerb 6 XL, Nuendo 5.1.1

Did you, by any chance, install the audio ease speaker phone as a demo or copy the speaker phone IRs to your altiverb older? I think the demo was on the altiverb CD.

Do you have Cubase 6 installed, but the license on another dongle?

Yes cubase 6 is installed (no dongle attached) but using Nuendo 5.

If Nuendo and Cubase are using the same VST plug-in folder it is very likely that the message comes from the new speaker simulators in cubase 6 that will not start up with Nuendo. Just exclude them from loading in the Nuendo plug-in list.

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Thanks for the work around.

Which plugin are you referring? Amp Sim?

This did not resolve the nagging dialog for an auth I don’t have, for a plugin I cannot use any.

This nag is unacceptable.

This is neither a bug nor a nag. You possibly have a plugin that is licensed exclusively for cubase but found by Nuendo. Just exclude it in the plugin list of Nuendo and you are done. Simple as that.

How do I know which plugin to disable if the dialog doesn’t state the plugin name? That sounds like a bug to me.

At least your error dialog states which plugin, mine states “speaker impulse responses”… is that a cubase 6 plugin?

Either way, i stinks to be told that this crappy experience is “not a bug” when I’m not the only person confused by current operation.

I had the exact same thing a while back.

Come on guys, it´s not that hard :laughing:
Just remove the Cubase plug-ins folder from the Nuendo folder list and the other way around. Put your third party plugs in a completely independent folder and add this back to the list. Easy as pie and the way to proceed anyways. There has been program dependent plug-ins for years.

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Same here, as far as what caused it. Just installed Nuendo next to Cubase. Had the Nuendo Dongle on another machine then the license error appeared once I launched Cubase without the Nuendo dongle attached…

I did a little looking and didn’t find Reverence Post in the plugin list.

Maybe a support ticket into Steinberg is in order?? You can try regionally or I believe the direct line is info(AT)

I think I may send a ticket in just to find out for myself…

Ok so maybe I am on the wrong path, but besides installing them with their own folders you need to set up the plug-in paths list in both programs. If you checked this already, I give up :slight_smile: