Not A440 tuning?

Is there any way of telling Nuendo that I want to have a tuning base of A432 rather than A440?

My clients insist on tuning down to A432 and tuning vocals is a bit of a headache!

Any suggestions?


Unfrotunately there is no way.

Is there a reason they do this?

Always wondered why this is done other than it’s another ‘standard’.

Do they have acoustic instruments difficult to re-tune? Perfect Pitch they wish to demonstrate?


Believe it or not, my clients reckon the universe resonates at 432Hz So they recoded everything with a tuner at 432!

Artists eh???

This is not as uncommon as you might think. There are different tuning centers used by various bands and orchestras all over the world for their own reasons. I once recorded a band named “A430”. Guess what the name meant? They were absolutely certain that their music sounded better at A=430Hz and that gave them their sonic edge over other bands. Who am I to tell them otherwise?

The addition of a setting for the tuning center for Vari-audio would be a nice addition. Because…People.

I worked on a movie some years ago that used American choral music sung by a Chinese choir with simple accompaniment. Part of our task was to orchestrate in and around those pieces… which were all about three or four cents above A440.

I was grateful for Nuendo’s superior pitch-shifting features (compared to what was available at the time in PT and DP). They really saved the day and we used them a lot!



I have to say I have never understood, why someone has to detune (change the main a’) when he/she can’t tune and you have to correct his/her tuning by using VariAudio. As an interpreter either I can tune and I can hear it, then I don’t need VariAudio, or I don’t hear it and (maybe) I can’t tune, then I don’t have to tune out of 440Hz.

Sorry, I’m always just wondering…

Same problem here. Working on an orchestral produktion that was tuned to 443 (because of the vibraphone and marimbas). Very common in classical music.
This is a very basic feature missing in Cubendo.
Had to do all the tuning work with 3rd party tools.

No problem,
for this I use the > Info Line > value “Fine Tune” to pitch the recorded Audio Events (which are in 432 Hz) to the correct tune 440 Hz.


this is the easier and better way. Not the other way around…

Thanks for the reply, but the guitars and bass tune down to 432 and are tracked like that. Now I need to tune the vocals using a pitch centre of 432. I know exactly what you mean about the info line and I use that method a lot, but when the rest of the band have already tracked their parts I need the tuning page to reference 432 rather than 440. It would be good to have a lockable parameter in the ‘Project Setup’ page to use a editable pitch centre of 440, so you could fizz the pitch centre up or down maybe 10%?

absolutely. I fully agree with you!

+1 Tuning Pitch in Project Setup

Where is the Thanks button? :wink: I ask the same question.

It seems like yo guys aren’t understanding the problem with the limitation… Unless this was just comedic relief?

You’ll hardly find an orchestra that tunes to 440 Hz. In Germany and Austria, for example, orchestras are tuned to 443 Hz. This also means that instruments that cannot be easily tuned (marimba etc.) are also tuned to 443Hz. So you can’t change the tuning of an whole orchestra just like this. The main reason is a different sound of the orchestra. Even if you don’t have any marimbas in the ensemble, the other musicians are used to intonate on their instruments at 443Hz, and if you let them play at 440, they usually need a little time until it sounds good again.
If you combine such musicians with a singer who doesn’t intonate very well, you need VariAudio at 443Hz.
If comes to tuning, the world is way more complicated than variaudio suggests :smiley:

I thought it was… (comic relief) Maybe it was Martin’s post I didn’t understand… But how useful would this be for Variaudio, which tunes a single voice, in an orchestral recording?

It’s not for tuning the orchestra. It’s for tuning the singer who is singing with the orchestra that is tuned to 443 Hz (or other pitch).

So, when the singer is singing a solo passage, or is overdubbing in the studio?


The penny drops! :blush: +1 for this to be added to project setup