Not able to enable "page mode"

Hi, I wonder if there is something else I must configure to be able to select “Page mode” in Socres? it appears grey and I have no way to select that option only socore editor and layout

It will be greyed out if the Score Window does not currently have focus. Maybe that’s it.

Im not sure I understand what do you mean, but the window was focused in to the right MIDI event, and the score was displayed as should, the thing is I cannot export the score since the option page mode is grey…

If you are actively working in the Score Editor it will have the focus and you should be able to switch to Page Mode ('cause it won’t be greyed out).

But if you are actively working in the Score Editor and you, for example, click on a MIDI Part in the Project Window - now the focus will be on the Project Window and not the Score Editor even though the Score Editor is still open and visible it doesn’t have the focus and the menu item to set it to Page Mode will be grey.

By focus I’m referring to the Window that Microsoft’s Windows OS sees as being currently active, not something determined by Cubase.

Nothing to add to the raino’s explanations.

I just wanted to remind you that there is a scoring sub-forum now. Please post all score-related topics there.

Scoring in Cubase Sub-Forum

How do I change to page mode??

The Score Editor window being in focus, from the main menu:
Scores>Page Mode

Thanks… This is so confusing, I finally found how to go to page mode, however, in the right panel, I made the wrong click to explore the functions and now I can only see “Properties” as an option with no possibility to go back to how it was before, in the score section, the sheet is blank, only with the guidelines as the score is gone (my composition still in the MIDI event), this score tool is 0 intuitive or user friendly unfortunately.

The right panel content changes depending on the item selected in the score. That said, even without any selection it should never be blank!
Please open another thread describing in detail what you did (do) to get that result, and we might be able to help.

Furthermore, I don’t know your experience with this part of the program, but from what I can gauge, you would need to learn a little more about the scoring basics in Cubase before judging its intuitiveness.

Yes I probably have to learn more how to use it, but for example now that I am able to open the page mode, and I want to export the score, the same program does not allow me for some reason …

I mean, I can go to; File / Export / Scores / and there it opens a window, supposedly to save the sheet, however I can not write, I can not save… it only allows me to select the resolution and no matter what resolution or location I chose, for some reason I can not save the file. Is this a bug in the program? or is there something I haven’t understood yet?

In a normal situation I would just hit save and I would be all set… but well, it seems that I am an uninformed person with this tool…

Scores are printed, generally, not exported. Export is used to export a graphic for use in another program.

And, there is currently a display bug in the score export dialog you mentioned.
See here: Score editor: Export scores dialog missing file name text box - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

Thats exactly the issue Im experiencing