Not able to save VSTs presets or plug ins default presets anymore

I am not able to save VSTs presets anymore nor save current preset as Default preset. In the first case, hitting ok doesn’t create the preset (it simply stays in the same window like nothing happened). In the second case, I get a message that it was not possible to create the new default preset file in the folder.
I tried to uninstall and install again Cubase, I trashed preferences,… nothing happens.

I am on Apple MacBook Pro OS Monterey 12.2 (but it was the same also on Catalina), running Cubase 11.0.41


Could you try in Cubase Safe Start Mode, please?

Sometimes the display doesn’t get updated, the file get’s created, but you can’t see it…
Closing the preset window and reopen it…solved it for me.

Tried with disabled program preferences, nothing changes

No, it simply doesn’t write the preset in the folder, it looks like it can’t access to it nor I can create a new folder

I have the same non-functional window as you, futureplan. Let’s keep this thread going in the hopes that someone comes up with a solution. I thought it might be a read/write permissions issue on the relevant disks, but apparently not. Maybe someone knows exactly where in the preference script the issue might be?

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Henry, could you please tell us your system specs…
OS, CPU, audio hardware…
Just to get an idea, what is common in these cases.

The default path to presets is somewhere in users/xxx/Documents for Windows
and in user/xxx/library for Mac.

That’s something useful as I can’t find where the Steinberg presets are

more to discuss :wink:

there is a link to the help pages with the complete filepath


I have all other plug ins presets in the Macintosh HD/Library/Audio/Presets directory. In that directory there is no Steinberg folder while ether re other plug ins folders. I do not have a Library folder under the users/username/Library path. Is that the issue? How can I fix it?

Same problem here.
M1 Mac monterey, cubase 11 and 12 both

It looks like a Mac thing… Maybe it has a relation to user permissions?