Not Lovin' Cubase 10 So Far: It's The Little Things

I haven’t gotten into the sexy new features. What I -have- done is work with existing CPRs. And…

  1. The right click menu? Yes, it needed pruning. But you went NUTTTTTS.

  2. The fuschia cycle loop which NOBODY liked. Still there.

  3. The skinny scroll bars? Still there.

  4. The Color Preferences? Still the same inflexible mess. You should be able to freely select -all- aspects of the UI. Why is this soooooooo hard?

  5. Ditto, the font weight.

  6. Most Windows have been re-organised but big whoop-de-doo. It actually makes some things -harder-. Like the Colorizer? Harder to use.

  7. No improvements to the Editors which needed things like the ability to see -both- seconds -and- beats -and- markers.

  8. And lots of little details that never get dealt with. Like, after 15 years… is it too much to ask that when the Export Audio completes, there be a little ‘Success!’ message? So you know it actually -happened-?

OK, I’m sure the sexy features are great. But this is the first version in YEARS where I really am strongly considered going BACK… simply because stuff like that right click? Don’t know if I can take it.

God, why are these small things so frickin’ HARD for you guys?

Lots of petty little things you have mentioned that shouldn’t affect your workflow.

My initial feelings towards Cubase 10 is - I don’t like it, it’s like I’ve gone back to the 1980’s with my Atari monochrome monitor - it’s all so drab and depressing to look at. Even the Steinberg logo at boot up has gone grey. Seems like a lot of things have been moved and changed for the sake of change rather than any need.
It feels more like this should have been Cubase 9.6, not enough new features for a version number change to V10.
It might grow on me, but definitely not feeling the love at the moment.

I’m ok with the aesthetics. I’m sure i’ll be used to those in a few days and i like the overall bolder look.
But i’m with you on the little things like the skinny scroll bar widgets. They annoy me!
And i hate the fact that whenever i go to my custom quantize menu it still opens up into a complete mess due to me having lots of cool groove quantize settings and having no way of organising them, still…!!! Gah…

hmm yes… some colors
–for example on the newly noobinized mediabay (now with even less options/features than before instead of more important things like transpose, set loop area , multiple file playback)
are not well chosen… - give us some customizeable color options for mediabay etc - the *green color when a sample is selected is nice though;)
and yes, the groove menu is still a hot mess…

a thousand gahs!


@suntower i hear you. and there are actually some more little nuances that has been changed to worse.
Feels like over the years Cubase code became too cumbersome for developers to update it and keep it all under control.


Did they take out the MONO button?

(Sorry, had to do it…old rant from the Nuendo 1 upgrade to Nuendo 2 days)


Agree with you. Particularly on point 1. I feel a bit lost just now and it will take some time to readjust and find the functions (such as insert silence and Delete range) that was under my finger for so long.

I also dont understand what was wrong with the design of the transport bar as it was. It was beautiful in 9.5. It looks horrid in C10.

I think this constant UI redesign in every major Cubase release is what drives the masses away. ProTools GUI looks aged but it has stayed largely the same iteration after iteration and thats what keeps people using it.

I think they keep changing for change’s sake.

And what bugs me most is that it keeps getting more ‘balkanised’… meaning that, instead of getting more -consistent- looking, it’s actually getting -less- consistent. Just try choosing your own colour scheme and you’ll see what I mean. Many of the dedicated windows have their own hard-coded colour schemes so you end with with what we had at the end of the VST5 lifecycle back in 2000 or so… a -mess- of dozens of -slightly- different looking UI components. This is ridonculous.

I’m not getting 10 until they fix Right Click menu. And how hard it is to fix skinny scroll bars or give an option in settings?
Wish moderators would reply.

My issues are :

1- 90% of my 9.5 sessions crashes including all of my templates - Totally unacceptable

2- Edit Mode does not follow Logical editor nudges - Half working feature

3- HiDPI changes nothing on my 4k display 100% - 9.5 looks amazing on my 4k display so is this a placebo, price justifying dummie feature?

4- They offer different prices for different countries without explaining if the differences are sales taxes or import duties. - is it a ripoff?’’

5- Still no Video Export - they will probably make us pay again for this overdue feature

6- Mixer Snapshots do not take automations into account - Totally useless feature

7- Still no triplet grid in Audio Editor - Freaking stupid

8- Scrolling and zooming with mouse wheel is still jerky as hell - Smooth Scrolling has been requested a lot and they ignored it.

9- Saving preferences like the key commands and other important settings still does not prompt for location - Frustrating AF

10- Saving folder and group tracks as preset still not happening.

11- Colors schemes are a joke - We should be able to save and load color schemes and again prompt for location for god’s sake!

Where do they get off asking 100 USD for this?

I don’t mind the grey and white menus it helps my poor eyesight but I agree, you have this very modern looking dark front end but your continually reminded of its SX heritage with dialogue boxes like the fade in/out box (that’s after you finally get into the dammed thing after desperately trying to click on top of the thin fade line, but that’s another rant,) I like the plugin GUIs, but not keen on the odd blue caps at the top of the inspector, where did the blue come from? again its SX days…
It’s like the GUI was done by 3 different people, one old guy who nicked the code from a previous project, a young one with eye sight problems and one who never made it to work.

And yes they have gone a bit overboard on the right click menu.

I skipped 9.5 - did the panner change then to a pointlessly huge yet somehow unclear thing, or is that new in 10? A truly pointless waste of mixer real estate.

Export progress bar still not fixed?

See Steinberg, it’s not just me! Thank you for saying this because it needs to be driven home over and over and over and over until they get it.

The panner looks normal in my Windows install, but not in my Macbook Pro Elements install - it is way bigger and looks like its a surround panner or something. Can’t find a preference for it anywhere - anyone any ideas?

Are you serious?

This weird panning mode… what the hell is it and how do I get rid of it?!!

Agreed on those points. And i like to add :

  • What’s with the new transport bar ? Why make it even smaller ?

  • Still no way to save external ins and outs. Still had to copy everything from the preferences folder (which most people don’t even know how to find).

I hope they come with a patch soon.