Not the same old music lounge.

Maybe it’s just me, or the times, but the new lounge doesn’t seem to have the same old spirit of the old lounge. What’s missing? I’m not being critical, only introspective. I remember coming here and finding something I could get my teeth into. I don’t mean to demean the posts, there are some interesting topics being discussed, but something’s missing. Anyone have any thoughts?

For me it’s the music being in it’s own section instead of mixed in with the lounge. I used to enjoy reading while listening to tunes. I tried to give it time but really don’t care much for it this way. :frowning:

You need to employ the old “right-click – open link in new tab” functionality :bulb:

You surprise me sometimes Steve! There’s a lot of wisdom in that statement. :smiley:

yeah…you’re probably right. WHAT was I thinking?? :unamused:


+1 for moving on.

Don’t look back; something might be gaining on you.
—Satchel Paige


…a touch of old geezer too! :laughing: :wink:

It’s grey. :frowning:

Brilliant, Steve. It’s not the same…because it’s not the same. Exactly the point of the post, and I was wondering “why is it not the same”? It’s just a different URL, with one big change as JSW points out:

I think you miss the “seriousness” of the question when you whitewash it with your obvious and casual approach. As you effortlessly got to the “nut” of it, allow me to expound. When a user posts a topic in the music lounge seeking help on a particular subject, typically one of us will respond in detail, not the “read the manual - kick you under the bus” response one might see elsewhere. I hope we continue in that tradition.

Metaphorically speaking, I’m looking forward to the day we get the beer a little colder and a fire in the wood stove. :smiley:


I never even think of going over to that ‘made with Cubase’ section … apart from Ian’s song of respect for Martin, And Ian had cross-linked it. I had not even thought of the ‘Made with Cubase’ section, until John mentioned it.

What I’d like is [Work In Progress] to become a regular topic tag for THIS forum … this is a Private forum, And it’s nice to be able to choose to keep an early work Private while mates help chivvy it into shape, before putting it on the public ‘Made With’ forum. OK, in the Old forum, EVERYTHING was public, but now we’ve got a choice abotu how open we want to be with our works. This … Mixup, is something I like about the new forum. My general gut response to your Topic Title is

“Yup … it’s NOT the same old Lounge. Thank Goodness.” Additionally, I am preferring the chemistry. Check whether I am accurate on the following: From a smaller number, more people are talking more stuff with each other - There’s a denser web of connections.

Oh … hang on …I feel a Moan coming on …

Hang on … Mmph … little strain and a push … yess … yes … I can feel it coming …

Seriously though, those are aspects of the old lounge I DO miss, and which DO diminish the potential quality of the communication.

Apart from that, I’m happy … look at my smiley … :slight_smile:

… Oh … final moan … MORE SMIELZ PLEEZ
… though with

yeah … any smiley!

Good suggestions. I don’t want to air works in progress to the general public… its painful enough for me to be airing them in the lounge! :wink:

The connections ARE denser, are the participants too sometimes? :wink: :laughing:

I respect your opinion Glyn. You have been here much longer and have an excellent rapport with the guys sittin’ at the bar. I’m all for it, I’m ready for it, I’m givin’ my all in little pieces as Steve suggests. Maybe, we can repaint ruddy duck, I don’t mean paint Ruddy Duck, I mean…oh, you know what I mean.

Now, I love your idea about “works in progress”. Somebody start the topic. Glyn???

The “old” forum had been either dead or in decay for a number of years, so it doesn’t surprise me that the new forum is sparsely attended. Still, there’s a good number of people that frequented the old forum that haven’t migrated over – I wonder why. And yes, the grey look is uninviting… although the ability to link to images is a BIG plus

It’s the white (together with the gray) that makes the forum look like a text editor or Microsoft Excel or something equally cozy? :laughing: I have to quote Freddie H from over there, who thought Cubase itself was a little to light, and called it Atomic Bomb White and I can sort of see where he’s coming from :laughing: Very colorful guy, no doubt!

THIS Freddie H?

Feddie Hubbard April 7, 1938 – December 29, 2008 it almost possible??!!?? :open_mouth:
Who would have thunk? :astonished:

:confused: No I don’t.
I’m nice and ruddy already. Not grey. Why should I be painted before the forum? It’s simply not fair. :frowning:

Just passing on an observation from us lot over on the nuendo side of things.

One of our favourite left of centre guys (known on the boards as evilchild) has been guested in the last day for being himself. A little too left of centre and off topic for the mods. I find this a huge pity, and seems to push against what people actually make of the “lounges”… even if SB have a slightly different vision.

I like discussions like this one. But it has been made very clear that they want the topics to remain ONLY focused on music and sound. This is a huge pity, and a big loss for the board in my opinion.

Thoughts? And carry on with the banter!

(I personally think the look and feel of the place GREATLY effects the communication on these boards, and the white/grey/grey/red - fairly regimented style of the place is in itself a barrier of sorts to free, open, interesting thinking.

Cheers! Brendan. (Shuffling off to the nuendo side of things again… but enjoying C6 nevertheless!)