Notation Express for Dorico 5 released

I’m very happy to announce the immediate availability of Notation Express and Notation Express XL for Dorico 5. These are the custom-designed profiles for the Stream Deck console, Stream Deck XL console, and the Stream Deck Mobile Pro app for iPad that pack hundreds of features into the familiar Stream Deck 15-key and 32-key grids.

These updates add 40 buttons to the 15-key Notation Express profile and more than 50 buttons to the 32-key Notation Express XL profile.

Among the updates to both profiles: there is a new folder dedicated to voices; there are additional buttons in most areas, many icons have also been refreshed, and the profiles have been subtly re-organized in certain areas.

The XL profile gains support for Insert scopes, Play mode tracks, more formatting features, and layout enhancements, among other improvements.

This is a paid upgrade for users of the current Notation Express profiles. Notation Express and Notation Express XL for Dorico 4 users can obtain the new profiles for $5.99 and $9.99, respectively, with a free grace period for those who purchased on August 1 or later.

More information is published in this Scoring Notes post, and on this Notation Central page.



I’ve pinned this thread for a few days since I know the arrival of a new version of Notation Express will be of interest to lots of Dorico users.


At least something to buy at the moment! :slight_smile:

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is there a way to know which version of NE I have?
I forget when I installed it.

@Michel_Edward It would say in the Stream Deck desktop app, unless you have modified this somehow.

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Thought I would mention - I didn’t see the upgrade discount until checkout even though I was logged in. No big deal, just had me searching for a minute to see if I’d clicked on the wrong item.

@gdball Thanks for the reminder — yes, that’s the way the store is set up. Once you begin the checkout process, the discount will appear if you’re logged in and eligible.

got mine now.
but haven’t installed it yet.
have to figure out how to save the couple of buttons I’ve made that I use. (notably one for making touch 4 harmonics)


Does anyone know how to go about saving a multi-action button when upgrading from one version to the next of the Streamdeck app?

I’m looking at each thing in my “content” window for that button, but nothing is particularly specific.

It has 4 actions:

  1. system: Hotkey J
  2. System Text Script (but there’s no way of seeing what that script is)
  3. System Text Harmonic (it points to a Dorico directory, \Dorico5\lua)
  4. System Text harmonics lua (which just has in the text box “harmonics.lua”)

If I “copy” the entire button, will it copy everything inside it? (ie: all of these functions?)


If I “copy” the entire button, will it copy everything inside it? (ie: all of these functions?

Yes, it’s that easy!

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thank you!

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Congrats and thank you Philip. Will be grabbing this update later this week!

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Worked a treat (on Mac and PC) , and many more useful functions. Much appreciated.

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[SOLVED] I have a Notation Express visual problem with the secondary buttons where the text “Express 2” obscures the lower part of the button. Is there some setting I’m missing so this text doesn’t appear? See the screenshot (for two of the buttons in the screenshot I’ve moved the offending text to the top of the button):

Reapplying the Plug-in and then the Profile solved the issue.

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@tbabcock123 I see in the time it took me to reply, you’ve deleted your post; did you figure out what the issue was? Perhaps you would be willing to repost along with the solution in case anyone else experiences the issue?

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Prompted me to update to Dorico 5 while the new Steinberg shop had a discount.Installed and updated without any issues. Likwise for Notation Express. Thanks for the update.

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Thank you Philip, immediately bought this great update! Very nice!

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I have this extra unwanted text also and I have not had any luck getting rid of it. Do I need to uninstall the Stream deck app and reinstall it and then the Dorico 5 plugin? So far I have tried a few steps that haven’t had any positive results.

@Steve_Farrell It seems that @tbabcock123 uninstalled our Notation Express plug-in and then re-installed it, as in the attached instructions from the documentation. Could you try that? Also be sure that your version of the Stream Deck desktop app is up to date.

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