Note input no sound

I have a small
When I put in notes with my midi keyboars, the notes are written but I have no sound. Only when I play back or select a note.

How many instruments are there in your project? If you have just one instrument in your project, perhaps check out this thread:

I still have no sound. I tried with several VST instruments.
When I put the notes in with the mouse, then I hear the sound.
And the playback is also correct.

How many instruments are there in your project? Are you working on a piece for a solo instrument, or for an ensemble of multiple instruments?

Hi Daniel

I tried with several instrumentations.
Only older projects play when I put in notes

Maybe one more information

I found out now that when I create a project set the vst instruments and then I close the project.
Re-open it and the I have sound while inputing notes. When directly inputting notes I have no sound

Are you working with multiple projects open at the same time and switching between them, or do you typically have only one project open at a time?

No I work only on one project