Note input on iPad - activating the caret

Dorico for iPad subscription version
iOS 14.8
iPad Air4 256GB

Has activating the caret changed or am I losing it?

I’m sure (or at least I think I’m sure) that double tapping activated the caret. Now, I have to tap the note input button, but then can’t move the caret to the desired rhythmical position. End result is that it’s now harder to enter notes.

Is this how it’s always been, or am I in fact ready to be carted off by the men in white coats?

PS the Help mentions double clicking…

It’s a bug. I find I can still move the caret with the left and right arrows (conveniently positioned very near the Note Input button, top left corner).

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Thanks chaps.

Dorico for iPad 1.2.2 is now available from the App Store and contains a fix for this problem.


It works fine now. Thank you:)