Notepad is too simple

Notepad is too simple. Notepad is actually a very practical function which could record some inspiration, requirements, Cubase can only simply record a few words. However, you can even put pictures in Logic notepad.
In addition, I hope to add some color, underline and other functions to facilitate reading.
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Totally agree. As it is, it’s rubbish. It should be a music writing tool for roughing out songs. You should be able to put chord diagrams in, decent lyric writing tools etc.

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It really needs improvement. Even if you could tab from one to another in the Mixer window would be helpful. I would like to see them as part of the project view on each track like Pro Tools. Not that really like all of Pro Tools but some of their features are useful.

Agreed. Here’s a free VST that helps with the picture part at least that I use.

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Hi all!

I voted for this request. I will go a little further by asking to create a new type of track, a Text Track with an appropriate editor and a minimum of tools like those found in a text editor. This new text track should fit into the project window at the same level as the audio, instrument, chord or other tracks. Even that it should eventually sync and work with Score Editor. But first a track of text.


That’s an excellent idea!

I use markers to make notes. Don’t think the text track is needed.

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I use marker tracks to record txt too but I think a dedicated txt track would be more useful and I agree the notepad could do with a facelift.

for that purpose maybe you wouldn’t need a text track.

I use the notepad to develop lyrics or take notes on ideas or technical notes. It would be useful to have basic formatting… Font size (especially for higher resolution monitors), bolding, etc.

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Hi Luke7020,

Here are the limitations of a marker as a tool that can be used as text editors.

No carriage return is possible as in notepad. In addition, with a Text Track, it would not be necessary for the text to be visible as in the Marker track, but simply to have a part telling us that there is a text event at a bar or a beat x in the piece. . For example, hints about a plugin or plugin settings or whatever we normally write on a piece of paper when creating or mixing a piece. The pieces of paper always end up in the recycling bin while with a text track, all our notes remain integrated into the project.

Notepad is outdated and very limited. Despite everything, there is no track in all of my projects that this one is not used for any information whatsoever. It is an indispensable tool in my opinion, but extremely limited. A Text Track could largely fill the gaps in this and the Marker Track.

Steinberg should innovate before their competitors think about it and users complain that such a tool exists in Log_x, Able_x or whatever. In my opinion, it is only a matter of time before such a tool is available in other DAWs. Why not be the first to offer it …

I Don’t Dispute what you say at all, but I just find marker notes are a fairly ok work around. I agree a more comprehensive note system would be good. Even something like sticky notes where you can place on audio parts or something.
But in the meanwhile even though there is no return carriage on marker parts, it forces you to truncate your note taking to make it shorter, which is a good thing in terms of clutter and getting straight to the point.

You’re right Luke. The Marker track allows us to make very short commentary at different places in the song. It is also true that it forces us to be concise and to write only what is essential.

But all the same, Note Pad is limited and deserves to be rethought and improved. However, until then we can still use VST NotePad and it’s free. Here is the link : VSTNotepad

It would even help if the markers could be sized or have an option of 1, 2 or 3 lines of text. Its one line and only one line and it is so small sometimes I can’t read it because you can’t change the font.

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Thanks for your reply!I try this software and it did’s a pity that it can’t insert the picture.

There are a few I have found, but for different reasons didn’t like them, including this one which includes pictures:

The one I use is pretty basic

Between the basic Cubase Track Notepad, Cubase Project Notes, use of up to 9 marker tracks, plus VST Notepad, I haven’t had many additional desires. I would much rather see resources focused on confirmed issues that need fixing.

Well, the notepad needs fixing in my opinion. What Cubase lacks is a tool for roughing out songs lyrics chords etc. As far as I’m concerned this is one thing that is way more important than a new synth or effect unit.

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+1000, That would be awesome!

I think they could get a lot of functionality out of the existing marker if the would allow Carriage returns ,Text wrapping and Control of point size.

I agree with that. I had mentioned the idea of creating a text track before, but if it was possible to have carriage returns and some text functionality inside the Marker track parts, then we would have a functional text track with it.

That would be really cool, while keeping the current Notepad, this improved Marker track would fill in the gaps.

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I have another suggestion besides a text track or improvement of the Marker track. The audio and MIDI tracks already have the Lanes. Lanes can be reordered, sized, and zoomed like regular tracks. Why not have a special Lane dedicated to text, a text lane.