NotePerformer 4.4 is now available for download

NotePerformer 4.4 is now available

What’s new:

  • Free Iconica Sketch support
  • Significantly improved NPPE note/legato timing.
  • HOOPUS now supports Hollywood Choirs (Ah/Oh) and EW Pianos.
  • CineSeries for Musio now supports Voxos Choirs (Ah/Oh) and Industry brass.
  • Synchron now supports Duality Strings and Elite Strings.
  • Spitfire Symphony Orchestra now supports Spitfire Solo Strings for Kontakt.
  • Several minor bug fixes.

Please see our full version history for the details: - Version History.pdf

Since they were all updated, you will be asked to re-download the NPPE engines.

Get the latest NotePerformer version from here:

Update link


Awesome! Thank you Arne for the amazing work!

Sounds like a great Christmas present to my ears! :heart::notes::pray:


Thanks a ton Wallander Team for the free Iconica Sketch NP Playback Engine support, I was wondering if there any resources/ videos on how to use the NP Playback Engine (Iconica Sketch) along with Dorico 5 Pro?

The NotePerformer manual explains how the Playback Engines work. You select NP template in Dorico, then fire up, load the Sketch engine and select the instruments you want to use.


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Thanks benwiggy, I tried that but D5 plays the Note Performer 4 sounds and not the Iconica Sketch sounds through NPPE. Normally I figure out from user manuals but in this case somehow I couldn’t figure out how to do it the right way.

If you haven’t done so try reapplying the NotePerformer template. I normally open NPPE first then open my Dorico project since what you described can sometimes happen.


I already installed the NPPE for Iconica Sketch and experienced something very strange: Whenever there is a legato slur combining some notes, trumpets switch to quite heavy vibrato for these notes.
This does not happen for clarinets or trombones or horns, it seems to be only trumpets.
Is this some weirdness of Iconika Sketch itself, or is Noteperformer adding some “old men playing” vibes to my choral? :smiley:

NP plays its own sounds until you’ve loaded the replacements into the NPPE.

First, make sure you’ve activated and downloaded the Sketch NPPE engine.

Then click to add instruments:

Then add the instruments you want.


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Wow legato much improved!

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Thanks benwiggy and wink notes, finally I was able to figure out how to route correctly. Thanks for your help.


@Wallander Thanks, Arne.

GPO5 next, eh? :rofl:


Thank you very much! So much as a New Year gift!


Considering the age and lack of effective ongoing support from MakeMusic, I wonder if Arne will consider the Garritan sounds worth the effort.


Iconica Sketch’s trumpets are “con vibrato” for legato.

That’s a relatively common optimization in sample libraries, since the natural slur is so memory intensive.

I may have been joking.


Wow, this is (at least to me) quite surprising… But you are of course totally right: Iconica Sketch’s trumpets seem to have this vibrato “baked in” when playing legato. It also happens when I use Dorico’s I.S. template without any Noteperformer involved. Sorry for taking up your time here :slight_smile:

(To be honest, I don’t know who would want that in the current form: The difference between three notes held regularly without any vibrato, then two legato notes with a very heavy vibrato and then the next note without any vibrato again is almost comically exaggerated. But who am I to tell.)


If you want more consistency, you can use the “vibrato” expression in the score to have vibrato also on sustains.


I hope so. I used Garritan 20 years ago when there was nothing else. For a long time, there has been… :smiley:

Well Arne @Wallander this is wonderful. I suspect I’m not alone in having missed out on using NPPE until now - my old devices haven’t got the clout. But using NPPE with Iconica Sketch I’m now able to get me hands dirty with this technology before I buy new computing power and experiment with other sound libraries. I was disappointed with Iconica Sketch until NP got its hands on it. I’m not now!

Can’t wait for my BBCSO (or whatever I go for)