NotePerformer 4 Released

but you can still change the value in NP’s override section … :slight_smile:

Arne, I installed it in my Mac Mojave with Dorico Pro 4.3.30, and it looks like NPPE (VSL Prime) is no longer connecting. I reapplied the playback template, but nothing. No mixer channel was surrounded by the white frame in the Dorico-NP mixer. Staves are assigned in the NPPE app.

I even deinstalled the player, and let NPPE redownload it. No change.

Is there some new parameter to choose?


I must say one thing which is making it a bit more difficult to definitely commit to this system is the fact you cannot export audio with the trial version of NPPE. Because of the greatly increased system demands for the libraries which interest me, I cannot tell if an audio export would be free of the dropouts which can occur and are not an issue with the libraries natively. It would be great if it were possible to have a time-limited trial of this feature although I know that’s not the way NP usually operates.

The other thing which would be helpful to have confirmation of is if all the articulations in the libraries are supported at least in some fashion. The fact I cannot so far find a way to active portamento with CSS for instance is a bit of a concern.

Unfortunately we never shortened marcato, since that’s not a universal performance rule of marcato. If there’s shortening with NP3, it’s delicate and should carry over to NPPE. Still, it may not be audible in the context of sampled note releases.

I am also having this issue. Instruments load, but nothing is routed through them.

Can I ask if you’re on Mac or PC?

Same problem here. M1max Mac

On MacOS 13.3.1, M1 Max. Samples are stored on external TB drive. The file paths are working in Synchron Player, and instruments seem to be loading properly NPPE, but Dorico is not connecting. I don’t see the software indicator on the bottom of the window.

EDIT: And everything is running AS native

I messed up. The Mac installer had the old NotePerformer component and the new NPPE component.

Please try redownloading now (the same links will do).

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Works now. Thanks for the excellent support.

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After installing this update, my Dorico on M1 MacBook Air couldn’t connect to NPPE, and there was no icon displayed on the bottom right corner of NPPE. I have rolled back to the previous version and am looking forward to having these issues fixed.

I’ve updated the Mac installer (again) and I think the problem is resolved if you re-download with the same links.


Hello, I have successfully connected to Dorico now! Thank you so much for your hard work. I really appreciate it!

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Today, Apple released a version of Logic for the iPad.

Will NotePerformer also be available on the iPad platform soon?

Now it works! Thank you!


Thank you so much for the quick fix!!! :slightly_smiling_face:

Unfortunately, no.

I was one of the first VST/AU developers on the iOS platform, so I’ve done the whole lap. Maintaining iOS apps is as time consuming as a desktop application. The reality is that I don’t have the time or capacity to maintain an application outside of NotePerformer/NPPE for the platforms we support today.


Alright then, I hope you can focus all your efforts on NotePerformer for the computer and keep making it excellent! Looking forward to its next update.

well, I DO want the marcato articulations to be louder.
but they sound a bit funny when they’re too long.