Novation 61SL MkIII not picked up by MIDI-Remote, even though supported

I have the Novation 61SL MkIII, it has always worked and is working fine in Cubase 12, but the new MIDI Remote Manager will just not see it, even though the exact model is listed as supported, and I see the script there. Anyone have any idea why it wouldn’t detect it? Please refocus me if there’s a better place to ask this, new here. Thanks everyone.


Hi Joe congrats on your first post! Good to see you here :smiley: is it listed in your midi port setup?

Sure is, on a bunch of different ports. I’ve tried disabling some of them, enabling them all, enabling only the input I’m needing, and I’ve tried enabling the "User Device ‘WinRT Midi’ for a bit too. Updated controller drivers from the manufacturer to see if that helped, AND the old reboot a number of times. :slight_smile: Both the Port System Name and Show As both have it listed as “Novation SL MkIII”. Thanks for the assistance, and the kind welcome! :grin:

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There’s no MIDI Remote scripts for SL MkIII series yet, only the LaunchKey Mk3 series.

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The following MIDI controllers are currently supported thanks to a dedicated script.

AKAI - MPKmini mkIII

ARTURIA - KeyLab Essential series

ARTURIA - MiniLab mkII

KORG - nanoKONTROL v1, v2

Novation - Launchkey Mini mk3

Novation - Launchkey mk3

Hi @joe_hanish, currently we do not provide a factory script for the SL MkIII keyboard. But that one has a very high priority on our list. We will provide more and more factory scripts over time. We’re just getting started. For the time being please stick with the Surface Editor. And please make sure the use the “In Control” ports, or the MIDIIN2 MIDIOUT2 (on windows) and switch to “In Control” mode on the hardware.


Faites vite s’il vous plait !!!
J’attends aussi la prise en charge de ce clavier :wink:
Merci !!

Je vais le faire aussi vite que possible. Mais j’ai encore d’autres problèmes à résoudre. (google translator)

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  1. I have the same problem with Novation 61 SL MK III
  2. Audio output needs to setup again when sart Cubase 12

Looking forward to see it, cheers

Im also trying to get my sl mk3 mapped. It is set to incontrol and i can get alot of the buttons working but im struggling with the rotary knobs ? They just switch around back and forth when i move them seems to be some problem with the mode . I tried absolute, relative and all options we have there basically but i cant get it to work

man i have the same problem everything else as advertised but the knobs i cant get it right to save my life :exploding_head: :exploding_head: :exploding_head:

Hi! I’m also hoping for a factory script for the SL MkIII keyboard. I use Nuendo 12 but am adding my request here. It has a similar layout to the Launchkey so I imagine modifying the script to fit the SL MkIII may not be too difficult.
Thank you in advance for creating this for us!