Novation 61SL MkIII not picked up by MIDI-Remote, even though supported

I’m also still very interested in a script. Custom mapping is nice but the lack of fluid control inhibits creative flow. Still seems odd the flagship controller was not mapped in favor of more limited models. Hopefully it will make it to the top of the to-do list soon! Thank you for your help!

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You said:
On 8 March was ASAP, today become quit long and so tomorrow will be NEVER?
I could understand you are so busy guys to recover all issues but I would appreciate if you give the highest priority to fix this issue.
I don’t want disturb you guys but I said issue because I tried to create a script for my MK3 and was a mess.

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I will be happy with this Novation SLMk3 script

For what it’s worth, I’m able to use the SLMKII (Even older than III obviously) with no problems. Although I did have to use the SLmkII template editor to upload essentially a blank template to my SLMKII first. I see the MKIII has a template editor programme too, so perhaps it will work the same?

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Thank you Bunny for your suggestion which I did with a new template
However, I was able to create a script but just for some controls, however, many others is completely dark, working bad or not working. :hot_face:

You’re welcome.
Sorry to hear it didn’t work.

It’s very important with scripts, that is 100% compatible with different midi keyboards.
I’ve been a Cubase user for ages, and has stopped upgrading with Cubase 11. The new Midi Remote stuff is great, and I did think of buying one of the Launchkey keyboard + Cubase 12. It it’s the only bigger full featured midi keyboard, that steiny has put out with Cubase 12.

More scripts that works 100%, is = more sold Cubase copies + more sold midi keyboards :slight_smile:

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Hey there, I just wanted to check in and see if there has been any progress on this front yet. Thanks!

I have the knobs set to : Value Mode = Relative Twos Complement ( last option in that Box ) and it works great :+1:

Is their one for the Arturia Keyland mk2 61 key? Thanks.

I´ve switched to Ableton live, the SL MK3 works without any hassle…try to do your work better Cubase…!

I got my new SL49MKIII, but still no chance to use it in Cubase 12. I tried to use it as Macki HUI, works terrible. When I set the MIDI-Input to the SLMKiii, not all functions work. But as soon as I use the MIDI-Output to the SL MK3, Cubase got cracy and some Softsynths begin to sound. Seems like there coming some crazy Midiinputs from the Controller. I can’t figure out, what’s wrong.
So I ordered the cheaper Launchkey 61 MK3. And I’m happy, but still confused.
For the cheaper Model Launchkey, there exist a perfekt Script for Cubase, and all Buttons, Faders and Knobs works perfekt in Cubase. But the Highend-Model SL MK3 (costs more than double the price) isn’t supported in the DAW, what a shame.

Does somebody has news about the work at Focusrite ? I think the programmers of the mothercompany takes the Job.

I wrote Focusrite and Novation either Cubase about this issue
Fucusrite and Novation said the issue is Cubase
Cubase said high priority but is almost 6 months
What I would appreciate if Cubase say very clear that Novation SL MKIII DOESN’T WORKS WITH CUBASE and close this issue once at all

I’m actually thinking about adding this keyboard to my setup, so in case I finally do, I will surely create a script for it as I did for the Arturia Keylab MK2 and the Komplete Kontrol MK2.
I have two questions by the way:

  1. How does the keybed feel?
  2. What do usually the 8 displays I see, show? Volume/Pan and instrument parameters?

Note that,the way I see it, it would be much easier for them to create a script than Steinberg, because simply they know the correct midi implementation to follow. I’ve noticed that for Cubase they suggest using HUI, but that is nowhere near their tight implementation for Live.

I have had a poke at Novation about this via an email exchange with their “customer support” having given the SL Mkiii a zero star review and stating I could not in all good conscience recommend this to a friend or colleague.

They kicked into the long grass by saying they had passed it to their developers to look at. It won’t be.

It does not work in Cubase. It is that simple.

I am going to have to move back to Ableton to get any work done, and Cubase can whistle for my money because I won’t be buying it. The trial version will be deleted and that will be the end of it.

It is a pity because I prefer Cubase in many ways, but I need to make music, not learn Javascript!

I do wonder though, given it is around five years since the SL Mk3 was launched, whether there is some kind of time limited agreement between Novation and Ableton where Novation agree not to support other DAW manufacturers in return for a kickback of profits from Ableton.

I can’t think of any other reason why there is no support for other DAWs.

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The thing that is hilariously disappointing about this is that the SL 61 Mk3 is supposed to be novations flagship midi controller, yet its not supported properly in any DAW apart from ableton,

The steinberg MACKIEUI has so many bugs its unusable so you need to turn it off to avoid midi problems.

Lots of issues that could be solved if cubase and novation make a script for midi integration into cubase.

@m.c The SL 61 mk3 feels like a keyboard synth, the semi weighted keys are more synth like (but i’m used to fully weighted), the knobs and faders feel perfect, probably the best i’ve used, especially the infinite turning knobs. the pad buttons feel amazing as well.
The software that comes with it allows you to completely customize everything it does, banks and banks of different CCs to each fader or knob, its actually pretty amazing.
the displays show the knob location (as its an infinate knob you need to see where it is) it also shows what it is controlling, and also what CC it is assigned to,
On the main bank/template display it also shows what fader and knob is currently being moved, and you can customize what that fader is called and it will show up on the screen as you move it.

its one of the most complete midi keyboard controllers, and it is really a joke that it cant properly be integrated in cubase, I dont have much faith in cubase solving this issue, happy to be suprised though


Good morning

the updates continue and there is nothing to make the NOVATION 61 SL MK III keyboard working with midi remote control

I have hardware and can’t make it work with Cubase

How long would I have to wait that the script for my keyboard to be integrated into Cubase?

I asked for this integration since now for a long time but nothing

I have the feeling that:

  1. You don’t know what to do

  2. You cannot integrate it since Novation prefers that we change to Ableton

What I’m asking is if you do the script for the Novation 61 SL MKIII or not

Please I would like a simple answer. YES or NO

Thank you for understanding

Best Regards

Gennaro Sicurezza

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Hi @Gennaro,

Ahh, sorry. First I read “Launchkey mk3”, but you mean the big one. I got you!
At the moment I don’t see any resources for implementing it. I know I said something else a year ago, but we had to adapt our policies.

As there are sooo many MIDI controllers already on the market and being released every few weeks, it is impossible for us to address them all. Therefore we try to encourage the manufacturers to develop the scripts themselves. Like Arturia did lately.

Regards, Jochen

Hey Jochen, any chance to get at least some specifications from the manufacturers? For example, I would happily create a script for the sl mk3 and in fact buy it, since I think it’s a pretty good controller, but I wouldn’t want to get into exploring all over the net for sysexes and so on, as I’ve done for the arturia keylab mk2.. It just takes enormous resources for no obvious reason.


Hi @m.c,

I can offer to assist you with that. I have access to the SL mk3 when I’m in the office, like one or two times a week. And I can post code snippets for sending colours and texts to the displays.

What I can’t do is designing a user interaction concept, that would be up to you, or the community, if others like @Gennaro would like to hop on board.