Novation 61SL MkIII not picked up by MIDI-Remote, even though supported

Hi Jochen,
thank you very much for your answer.
If I well understood, the solution would be to change keyboard and continue using Cubase unless we change and move to Ableton.
Being clear now we can close, once at all, this issue.
The solution now is on my hands.

We missed you @Jochen_Trappe please say you’ll never leave us MR disciples again! :slight_smile:


Thank you Jochen
could be another solution and continue working with Cubase

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I moved to the real Cubase world and fixed bugs for every update until 12.0.70.
Thank god we have a final version now! (stop throwing beer bottles at me)


Great! Having displays text and pads colors would be sufficient for me to start!

Just placed an order for the SL MK3. Whenever @Jochen_Trappe kindly provides us with these essential info, I will surely create a script, which may be useful. At least it will surely be useful for my own workflow :slight_smile:

Hi Jochen, I’ve received an SL MK3 yesterday, and while browsing Novation’s site, I found a programmers’ guide for it. Just to let you know to not waste time with my request :slight_smile:

Hi @m.c, fortunately they published it. I’ve downloaded that as well and have one SL mk3 in my office now. Just let me know if you need any support, ok?

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Thank you @Jochen_Trappe! So far, so good, all leds and displays are working as expected, and I’m in the process of building the pages. However, since I know you’re willing to help, can you please have a look at the issue with mixerBankZones that I mentioned earlier?

Ok, @m.c. Which issue again?

Here’s a link exposing the issue:

And a link with a workaround I had to do:

Say we are on a certain page (I have one called Mixer for obvious reasons). We change bank and everything is OK. Then, say, we move to another page (for example instrument quick controls). When we return to the first page (Mixer) the bank resets to the top one.

Ok, I see and agree it to be a bug. I’ll make a bug report, but don’t know what priority it will be assigned.


Thank you very much for confirming this!

I understand this, no worries :slight_smile:

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Is there a file we can upload to get the 16SL Mk III working with C12 now then? I am unsure of what the above conversation means for this issue.

I really would like to change back to Cubase from Ableton Live but cannot without the 61Sl working properly in C12.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Dean_Lawrence1 , I’ve been working on a script for the SL MK3 and I’m pretty near to finishing it, however due to personal issues I didn’t have the time to test it for a while before making it available.
I will surely post here the link for the script once uploaded.

For now, here’s a pretty short video which shows the current mixer view:


Thank you for that mchantzi, I am grateful.

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Thank you very much very grateful for your work Mchantzi

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Thank you @m.c!
Hope your personal issues have improved!

Looking forward to using your script. :slight_smile:

Well after many request to Novation, finally I know now the Truth.
Please Cubase look at this exchange messages
**Am so sorry but since you keep informations and dont open your product also to use it with others DAW like CUBASE i will not buy Any of your product. **
Am waiting you give me the script for NOVATION SL MK3 to use it with CUBASE.

Answer from Novation



Hi, we’re sorry to hear you have had a poor experience so far. We have not been able to work with the developers of cubase to create an official script, but SL MK III can still be a powerful tool with Cubase. If you walk through the steps in this help article you can get maximum integration from your keyboard.

Why Cubase developer didn’t work with Novation and create a script for the Novation 61 SL MK 3?

@m.c Thank you very much for your efforts, are there any news about this project? It is really awaited here. Good luck

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