Novation launchkey

Hello yall doing?i have downloaded novation launchkey and it has interapp but i cant find the synth in the cubasis interapp synth menu.i deleted it and reinstall but same thing.beatmaker 3 works fine with it.

From what I can see, Launchkey is not implemented as an IAA Instrument, but as an IAA Generator plugin only.

To use it in Cubasis, create a wave track, open Routing tab, tap on the input, select Inter-App option, and then find the NVTN:Launchkey in the list. This way, the Lauchkey will play through this track, and you’ll be able to record it’s audio on this track too.

To control Lauchpad with MIDI from Cubasis, create MIDI track, select no instrument for this track, and set it’s MIDI out to “All ports”. Now, if you place any MIDI on this track and playback it, you’ll get the Launchkey playing through the wave track you have created earlier. You can also select this MIDI track, open Cubasis MIDI keyboard, and play real-time. You’ll hear Launchkey playing.

Hope it helps.

Hi John1289,

Please have a look at our available “Limitations of Inter-App Audio” article, which hopefully helps to answer most questions in this regard:

Thanks for diving in, always great to see when users supporting other users!


Thanks very much for your time and answer.will read the link u posted so i can get my head around the limitations.thanks once again