November 2.3 music font update


The latest version of the November 2 music font is available here

This is maintenance update of the font trying to catch up with Dorico, SMuFL, and all the technologies that are just 1000x quicker than I!

As I always try to do, this update is free :trumpet: :notes: for existing users .
So as with previous updates, if you are a November 2 customer already, you should have received (or you will soon receive) an email from Klemm Music with the download link. This link is protected with the user/password you received upon purchasing November 2 initially. (If you lost these information, please email about it…)

All the best, and thank you all on this forum (and beyond) for your feedback helping me make the font what it is today.

Detailed cumulative raw build notes for November 2.x

2.3.0 (April 2021)

  • optimized installers
  • fixing typos in SMuFL names.
  • finetuning and fixing issues in .json metadata
  • setting existing glyphs to SmuFL range.
  • fixed: U+EAAE (wiggleArpeggiatoDownArrow) had wrong direction
  • adding extra accordion glyphs:
    • U+E8CD…U+E8D1 accdnRicochet2…6 (accordion notation)
  • adding glyphs (especially for Dorico compatibility):
    • U+E937 mensuralNoteheadLongaWhite (#42)
    • U+F66F noteheadDiamondOpenLeft (#48)
    • U+E24E flag1024thUp
    • U+E24F flag1024thDown
    • U+E1DF…U+E1E6 note128thUp… note1024thDown
    • U+E26C accidentalBracketLeft (#43)
    • U+E26D accidentalBracketRight
    • U+E542 dynamicHairpinParenthesisLeft
    • U+E543 dynamicHairpinParenthesisRight
    • U+E544 dynamicHairpinBracketLeft
    • U+E545 dynamicHairpinBracketRight
    • U+EAA0 wiggleTrillFastest
    • U+EAA1 wiggleTrillFasterStill
    • U+EAAB wiggleArpeggiatoUpSwash
    • U+EAAC wiggleArpeggiatoDownSwash
    • U+EAB0 wiggleVibrato
    • U+EAB1 wiggleVibratoWide
    • U+EAB2 guitarVibratoStroke
    • U+EAB3 guitarWideVibratoStroke
  • adding clef glyphs:
    • U+E07A gClefChange
    • U+E07B fClefChange
    • U+E07C cClefChange
    • U+E06E 4stringTabClef
  • accelerando/ritardando beams: U+EAF4…EB03 beamAccelRit1…beamAccelRitFinal
  • adding microtonal accidentals for Helmholtz-Ellis system (U+E2C0…U+E2FF)

2.2.0 (May 2020, rc9)

  • Mac only release: fully signed and notarized installer, to comply with Mac OS Catalina and up.
  • Libraries update (Finale 2014+ Mac only) : November2 Document Options.lib updated and Clefs.lib added to work around a Finale bug.

2.2.0 (February 2019, rc6)

  • Finale: new plug-in for a quick access to the documentation.
  • Fixed intallation problem for German version of Finale.
  • Updated documention (EN, DE, FR)
  • Improved piano braces.
  • More than 100 new symbols added, mostly for better Dorico (2.2+) compatibility:
    • U+E266 accidentalTripleFlat
    • U+E265 accidentalTripleSharp
    • U+E276 accidentalFiveQuarterTonesSharpArrowUp
    • U+E277 accidentalThreeQuarterTonesSharpArrowDown
    • U+E278 accidentalThreeQuarterTonesFlatArrowUp
    • U+E279 accidentalFiveQuarterTonesFlatArrowDown
    • U+ED30 accidentalDoubleFlatArabic
    • U+ED31 accidentalThreeQuarterTonesFlatArabic
    • U+ED32 accidentalFlatArabic
    • U+ED33 accidentalQuarterToneFlatArabic
    • U+ED34 accidentalNaturalArabic
    • U+ED35 accidentalQuarterToneSharpArabic
    • U+ED36 accidentalSharpArabic
    • U+ED37 accidentalThreeQuarterTonesSharpArabic
    • U+ED38 accidentalDoubleSharpArabic
    • U+E051 gClef15mb
    • U+E05D cClef8vb
    • U+E063 fClef15mb
    • U+E066 fClef15ma
    • U+E06D 6stringTabClef
    • U+ED70 indianDrumClef
    • U+E521 dynamicMezzo
    • U+E53A dynamicSforzatoPiano
    • U+E53C dynamicRinforzando1
    • U+E53E dynamicCrescendoHairpin
    • U+E53F dynamicDiminuendoHairpin
    • U+E546 dynamicCombinedSeparatorColon
    • U+E547 dynamicCombinedSeparatorHyphen
    • U+E570 ornamentPortDeVoixV
    • U+E53E brassBend
    • U+E5E1 brassFlip
    • U+E602 windWeakAirPressure
    • U+E603 windStrongAirPressure
    • U+E604 windReedPositionNormal
    • U+E605 windReedPositionOut
    • U+E606 windReedPositionIn
    • U+E60A windMouthpiecePop
    • U+E60B windRimOnly
    • U+E5E5 brassMuteClosed
    • U+E5EF brassValveTrill
    • U+E7F0 pictStickShot
    • U+E7F1 pictScrapeCenterToEdge
    • U+E7F2 pictScrapeEdgeToCenter
    • U+E7F5 pictOpenRimShot
    • U+E7F8 pictOpen
    • U+E7F9 pictDamp1
    • U+E7FA pictDamp2
    • U+E7FB pictDamp3
    • U+E7FC pictDamp4
    • U+E800 pictCenter3
    • U+E805 pictChokeCymbal
    • U+E627 stringsBowBehindBridgeOneString
    • U+E628 stringsBowBehindBridgeTwoStrings
    • U+E629 stringsBowBehindBridgeThreeStrings
    • U+E62A stringsBowBehindBridgeFourStrings
    • U+E684 harpSalzedoSlideWithSuppleness
    • U+E687 harpSalzedoWhistlingSounds
    • U+E689 harpSalzedoTamTamSounds
    • U+E68A harpSalzedoPlayUpperEnd
    • U+E68B harpSalzedoTimpanicSounds
    • U+E68C harpSalzedoMuffleTotally
    • U+E68D harpSalzedoFluidicSoundsLeft
    • U+E68E harpSalzedoFluidicSoundsRight
    • U+E68F harpMetalRod
    • U+E690 harpTuningKey
    • U+E691 harpTuningKeyHandle
    • U+E692 harpTuningKeyShank
    • U+E693 harpTuningKeyGlissando
    • U+E69A harpSalzedoDampAbove
    • U+E69B harpSalzedoMetallicSoundsOneString
    • U+E697 harpSalzedoDampLowStrings
    • U+E698 harpSalzedoDampBothHands
    • U+E699 harpSalzedoDampBelow
    • U+E69C harpSalzedoIsolatedSounds
    • U+E69D harpSalzedoSnareDrum
    • U+E659 keyboardPedalSost
    • U+E667 keyboardPluckInside
    • U+E676 keyboardPedalParensLeft
    • U+E677 keyboardPedalParensRight
    • U+E674 keyboardPedalHeelToToe
    • U+E675 keyboardPedalToeToHeel
    • U+E647 vocalNasalVoice
    • U+E648 vocalTongueClickStockhausen
    • U+E649 vocalFingerClickStockhausen
    • U+E64A vocalTongueFingerClickStockhausen
    • U+E843 guitarFadeIn
    • U+E844 guitarFadeOut
    • U+E845 guitarVolumeSwell
    • U+E848 guitarBarreFull
    • U+E849 guitarBarreHalf
    • U+E83F guitarClosePedal
    • U+E83D guitarOpenPedal
    • U+E83E guitarHalfOpenPedal
    • U+E840 guitarLeftHandTapping
    • U+E841 guitarRightHandTapping
    • U+E833 guitarString0
    • U+E834 guitarString1
    • U+E835 guitarString2
    • U+E836 guitarString3
    • U+E837 guitarString4
    • U+E838 guitarString5
    • U+E839 guitarString6
    • U+E83A guitarString7
    • U+E83B guitarString8
    • U+E83C guitarString9
    • U+E88A tupletColon
    • U+EC60 miscDoNotPhotocopy

2.1.0 (December 2016)

  • Better support for Steinberg’s Dorico (optimal from Dorico 1.0.20 on!)
  • Update to SMuFL 1.21
  • Updated documentation
  • New French documentation (so now we have EN, DE and FR)
  • Improved metadata
  • Improved German default files
  • Char. U+E044 (repeatDot) now sits on the baseline.
  • additional characters:
    • old tenor treble/c clef (U+E056)
    • timeSigCut3 (U+EC86)
    • plainchant & medieval items (SMuFL 4.82…4.86)
    • text tempo items (SmuFL 4.14 & 4.109)

2.0.1 (February 24, 2015)

  • Installer: now in English, German & French.
  • Documentation: now in English & German; various updates and fixes.
  • Font: Registration (=vertical position) for Finale legacy slash notation symbols is now consistent.
  • Finale components: issues with certain libraries (November2 Document Options.lib, Stem Connections.lib, Percussion.lib, Renaissance.lib).
  • Finale: improved default & style files.
  • LilyPond: minimal version is now ‘stable’ 2.18.2 (was previously ‘unstable’ 2.19.15).
  • LilyPond: improved support for spanned trill, stem tremolo, ped. . . *
  • LilyPond: the installer now looks for possibly multiple versions of LilyPond.
  • Sibelius: the Cleanup Dynamics for November plug-in now installs correctly for any language.
  • Sibelius: double whole (round) note is now registered correctly (in November Font House Style).

2.0.0 (February 9, 2015)
Initial release


Thank you Robert! I love November 2, and the “p” is even growing on me… :sunglasses:

:warning: Windows users might want to hold the download for a while as we just found out (thanks @Laurent_Colombo!) that the metadata .json file got corrupt for some strange reason! (seems to be safe on the mac side)
I will keep you posted soon.

Thank you for your thanks Robert @Robert_P

It seems to be all fine now, thanks to swift Klemm people!
So Windows users please accept my apologies: download and install the font again, and it is also a good practice to restart Windows afterwards in order to clean the font cache.

Just so you know, I tried and click the link Robert has given us, and as an existing customer, could not find a way to update November 2 on that site without buying it again. Then I looked at my old e-mails from klemm, clicked on the download link and entered my “name” and “password” sent in the first e-mail I received when I bought November 2, and the last version got downloaded. This could help, until they send us the e-mail update.

I had to adjust the URL in the old emails that I already have, removing the decimal from the version number.

Well, strange enough, that’s what I expected to do, but it worked even without modifying anything!

Yes, sorry my inital message (which I can’t edit anymore…) was slightly misleading as the url is the general November2 page (and don’t buy again, no!)

Did any Windows users get this message while installing the 2.3 update?nov

Hi John,
Sorry for this, and yes we’ve seen it, although it is hard to reproduce on my setups.
As discussed privately, and for anyone encountering this problem, the best solution so far is:

  • delete the previous version of November2 from the c:\Windows\Fonts folder manually
  • reinstall November2.3
  • reboot your computer.


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