Now Available - SpectraLayers 8

did you use maximize or F11?

It works with F11 but not with Maximise.

yes the same with me, trying to make a vid, but i do only that on my laptop, and there it has other problems, with the iGPU, but not with the Nvidia card…

so i try to install a screenrecorder on my desktop. it can handle that, 4 cores against 6 cores (not counting HT) on the laptop, the desktop still outperforms the 6 cores laptop, but for screenrecording???

o well.

When I start SpectralayersPro 8 I can access all main menu items (being in Maximise mode). As soon as I load a wave file, I can’t access them anymore. Minimising the viewport and go through F11: Works. Maximising then stops the menu item access.

the same issue here, when project or audio file is loaded, etc.

so we have the same problem. screenrecording succeeded, with some strange ‘effects’, must tweak OBS, it seems…

and right mouse click on tools that have multiple options, does also not work (in my case).

Good question, i thought it should be fixed in patch 3 off SL7 but there was no patch 3.

Bought the upgrade to 8. Still not working!

@wolfger What OS are you using ?

Thanks for the info, Robin.

Kind of wish there were a pinned thread exclusively for SL8 bug reports.

Installation worked flawlessly, same with the program itself in stand-alone mode as well as an external sample editor for Logic Pro.

Thank you!

iMac Late 2015, macOS 10.15.7, Logic Pro 10.6.2

Same problem here, about menu in full screen can’t access to it!
I try in desktop and tablet view same problem

Windows 10 Pro 21H1 OS build 19043.1081

@William_STELLA The next patch will fix that. Meanwhile the workaround is to:
1/ disable the Windows taskbar auto-hiding mode (if it is set)
2/ enlarge SpectraLayers with the Maximize button (top right of the screen) instead of the Fullscreen mode.

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Ok thank you for the info !

Hello. Installation problem. Installation failed. More precisely, the program was installed, but the code did not work. The control center wrote that the program was outdated. Install the update. Installed (1291). But all the same, the code did not work. But this is only the beginning of the problem. All licenses flew. And they also do not pass. I wrote to my support center, but so far there is silence. I can’t imagine what to do (((((

Upgrade from Pro 7 to Pro 8 done.
Thank you!

Hallo there. What i have to do to get 20 % discount ?

When i understand right, i can install SpectraLayers on more then one PC , and then used it with USB licencer ?

Hi @Davor_Kucko it’s automatic, you should see the discount as you order SpectraLayers from the Steinberg store.
You can either use SpectraLayers on just on PC if you don’t have an USB eLicenser, but if you have an USB eLicenser you can indeed store your license there and move it between your different computers.

There is a problem related to having resolution set to something different to 1. When I do this e.g. setting 4) the time selection does not work correctly, for example attempting to delete a certain time period from a file. This works when setting resolution to 1, but does not when a number not equeal to 1 is selected. I remember from SpectraLayers 7 that there was a similar problem with this kind of overlap control. Is that bug still there or has re-appeared?