Now Available - SpectraLayers 8

Dear all,

we are very happy to announce the immediate availability of a newest member of the Steinberg family of products, SpectraLayers Pro and Elements 8.

Besides powerful new functionality based on AI processing, such as De-Bleeding, Reverb Reduction, EQ and Ambience Match and other, SpectraLayers 8 delivers a wide range of tool and workflow improvements, expanding its artificial intelligence algorithms to many already existing processes, making spectral editing tasks much more precise yet flexible.

For a detailed overview of all new features, please check out the product page:

Also, until July 14, we are offering a 20% discount on all versions of SpectraLayers 8, including updates, upgrades and crossgrades.

All the best,


Bought it . Installation went smoothly. Will give it a try. I see my request for pitch shift in semitones is included. Excellent. Ed.

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Looks very nice! But no demo at the moment, right? When we will be able to test it?

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Will Wacom Tablet/ pen pressure sensitivity work with Spectral Layer 8?

Is there any change in System Requirements for Pro 8 from Version 7? There was an issue at the beginning with Pro 7 that some functions didn’t work on Macs that couldn’t process AVX instructions. Robin fixed that. I want to make sure this is still the case and that there are no surprises after purchase. It would be so much easier if Steinberg allowed us to demo.

Two specific questions actually:

  1. Does it, like Cubase 11, require Metal Graphics?
  2. Does it still work without AVX?

Are there any other new changes that could affect it’s compatibility with older systems? (Running Mohave 10.14.6)


If your mac officially support macOS Mojave, you’ll be good in term of compatibility.
It doesn’t require Metal graphics, still the same OpenGL 3.3 requirements.
You should be good without AVX support as well.

I can’t not complain. I’m sorry I’ve tried…. But it seems not so long ago I paid to upgrade to SL7 what seems short after the preorder 79€. Now I’ve to pay 79€ to upgrade to SL8 which als seems short after SL7. But when you upgrade from SL6 it’s 99€??

Btw. At this rate I think in a few years we’ll be at SL12.

11 months between major releases seems a pretty reasonable timescale to me… You want longer.? Then don’t upgrade now; wait until you’ve been able to properly and safely save up.

Hi there,
I have installed Version 8 and notice a couple of problems:

When in full Screen mode (4k monitor, latest WIN10, 64 Bit) I can’t access the main menue bar. Only when not being in Full Screen mode I can get to Options for example

A number of settings availabel in Version 7, which are important to me, e.g. FFT Window Type, Resolution etc. have gone from the menue? Is that intentional? That would be a major drawback for me!

Testing to be continued.


Hi @asbird , can you send me your logs files to contact [at] ? Logs files can be found in Help > Support Info > Logs Folder.

Regarding the FFT Window Type and other settings, if you can’t see them either you don’t have a SpectraLayers Pro license, or you just need to make them visible by clicking the Display panel menu (the 3 lines at the top rights of the Display panel).

Hi Robin,
will send the log file.
What I can see is “Spectralyers 1” in the title bat. I have SpectralyersPro 7 and purchased and installed the upgrade to SpectralyersPro 8. How do I enable that, it seems somenting has gone wrong during the upgrade process?

Have you entered your SpectraLayers Pro 8 license in the eLicenser ?

I have tried that just now and I get an error message “the e-licenser SW is too old. Go to the e-licenser page and download the latest version”. Have done that but to no avial, I keep getting that error message.

What version do you see when you launch the eLicenser Control Center ? The latest one is You need to install and see that version to be able to enter your SL8 license.

That is the version I have, still get the same error message.

It seems, what I have tried to input is a Download Access Code. Meanwhile I have managed to get my hands on the Activation Code, which has fixed the problem of not being able to select FFT window types for example. One step further; I must mention though that the the upgrade / installation process if far from being intuitive.
Anyway, the problem that I can’t access any drop-down menues when in full screen mode remains. I shall send the log file now.

the same problem here, already mentioned in another thread, the first time i see it, from another source, about drop-down menu’s in full screen, in openGL…

i can live with a slightly smaller window, but still, it has to work…

@asbird @Howl I sent you a patch in PM, let me know if that fixes the issue for you.

Hi Robin, I did uninstall the previous version and then installed the patch. Unfortunately it does not fix the problem for me.