Now Available - SpectraLayers 8

Great update!

Thanks for the patch. I purchased and installed the SL8 upgrade this morning.

Why has this marketing info been removed from the store page? I believe at the timeI screenshotted this it was in the ‘further applications’ tab of the store page, but now the info is suspiciously absent.

The prospect of Wavelab integration being added in a free interim 8.x was one of my main reasons for upgrading. Can someone please confirm if this is still going to be rolled out before the next major update?

Have you just read the ad or have you dug around in the SL or WL manual for clues?

To me, improved “WaveLab Integration” would just mean improved ARA integration. I don’t know what else it could mean. ARA compatibility is either there or it isn’t.

I don’t think that SL will ever be included as a “freebie” feature of WL. Maybe the 2 programs will be bundled as a “suite” at some point, at some special price, but that, of course, will be up to Steinberg.

I suppose more details will be given later this year.

For what it’s worth, I didn’t feel misled.

i hope it will be ARA2, will be great, with Wavelab, and even it is paid update (…) i pay for it…
(owning Wavelab Pro 10… & Spectralayers Pro 8… and Cubase Pro 11… quite up-to-date…)

Whenever I want to find out about program features, I download the product manual and read it BEFORE I make a purchase. I sit in a well-lit easy chair with a highlighter marker and devote an hour to education.

Ads are basically invitations to investigate further. They aren’t primary sources of information. Neither are YouTube videos or chat threads on product support forums.

I believe there is a bug when saving spectralayers project files. When you set the resolution to 4x and save as 4x and reopen the project file it always reverts back to 2x for some reason. Why is that?

Also one thing that I have observed/heard others say is that the gui seems sort of clunky. When zooming in and out It’s kind of choppy and not as smooth, I believe that could be improved on more. Not sure if it has to do with low level api.

@Joey_Kapish this is by design - the resolution setting use much more resources than the other settings, and raising it to 4x is only a help for extreme cases with very fine details, but in most scenarios 2x is perfectly fine.

S8 demo downloded today, really want to try it but when activate it it runs as “S8 one”.
Im on mac with Mojave. got the serial and in the Licenser it reads “S7”

any solution for this?

@drorh4 there’s no demo trial for S8 yet, how did you receive a serial, did you buy a Pro license ?

Through the Steinberg site.
Yes. I see its S7 now.

Do you know when we will have the SL 8 demo?

I don’t have any date at this point but I suppose during this month.

If you own Cubase 11 Pro which brings SpectralLayers One 7 you can update to SpectralLayers One 8 (free). It is not in the Steinberg Download Manager as part of Cubase 11 Pro but on the SL download page you can see that it says the update if for Pro/Elements/One. Interesting…hope it was not a mistake :wink: