Now we separate man from freeloader

Great to be here all of a sudden my login is actually worth something!

Now I don’t have to think twice about answering a forum post in the mind that it could be from a freeloading cyber villian.

Greetings and many happy times in the lounge sharing and discussing favorite topics.

BTW has anyone wondered yet about not being able to poll? :confused:

Hi epiphany,

You should be able to poll.
When you create a new topic you have three tabs, the third one is the poll option.
Could you please verify that it is there.


As a fully paid up freeloading cyber villain that hurts! :frowning:

I wonder how many regulars were “freeloading cyber villians”

Should be interesting :smiley: :smiley:


And welcome back to Paul :sunglasses:

Err… very interesting… :blush: :confused: :smiley:

I was hoping you’d join the new Forum. Good to see you

Morning Doug :slight_smile: How’s things? :slight_smile:

Woodlock is back in town :slight_smile:

Now we need Mark E. Hodge, GJ Orange, and the rest of the old forum outcasts back in for some extra colour and vitality … :wink:

Hi Guillermo

I believe you can poll.

As for the rest of the forum a real fine effort of which you all must be very proud.

Congratulations on a most brilliant, first of its’ kind token driven website with I hope many happy returns.

Yes! :smiley:


DJ_CAPSLOCK :laughing:

G J Orange…man he upset a lot of people!!! I wonder what happened to him…

and Trogdor


And Queen Liz who only made one appearance before blowing her cover by forgetfully signing her second post with another members name.

Queen Liz a troll - who’d have thunk it !

Philip went out and shot a deer when he found out she got the banhammer and Lizzie kicked a corgi ! :blush:

Yeah. “Best wishes” … DOH!

How could you forget Kock eh steve? :slight_smile:

You always liked Kock didn’t you?

KOCK gets around. Even where he’s not supposed to. :laughing: :stuck_out_tongue: :mrgreen:


See ya sorted ya avatar. And still no core Agenda :slight_smile: :slight_smile: