Nuage and M1 Mac

The latest version of Tools for Nuage is Mac Intel only, any news about Apple Silicon or at least Rosetta compatibility? john

Foolish me, after reading that the latest Tools for Nuage didn’t work with M1 Macs I created this post. Today I tried it and it does work, at least with Nuendo 11 (I haven’t upgraded yet).

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Good to hear that you got it to work. I did not, but I’ll try again then.

But to your question: I got a lengthy reply from Yamaha when asking this very question. It seems there is hope, at least. I’m guessing I could (should?!) share that info here on the forum? I’ll check if they have anything to add, it being a while ago.

Hello, I just have tried a M1 with Nuendo 12 and Nuage. The Nuage Tool works uniquely in Rosetta mode and as Nuendo use Nuage tool, as a consequence Nuendo 12 works uniquely in Rosetta mode with Nuage. Could someone transfert this to Yamaha please?
Thanks in advance.

Uhm?! Say what?!!

Yamaha statement: NUAGE and Apple silicon

The reliability and ‘mission critical’ operating standards expected by Yamaha professional users are second to none, which the company prides itself on not only satisfying, but often exceeding. However, the current status of the electronics manufacturing industry means that redeveloping the NUAGE post-production system to deliver the required level of operational support for Apple silicon will not be feasible.

Therefore, while Yamaha will aim to support the ongoing integration of Intel®-based computers into the NUAGE ecosystem, it is not possible to redefine NUAGE for use with the Apple silicon architecture.

Yamaha will make every effort to ensure Intel®-based NUAGE systems continue to function with the reliability and effectiveness which their users have come to expect. The company will also continue to take all user feedback into account when making future product decisions.

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Dear Steinberg, this makes no sense to me, literally. Please explain in common sense/non-marketing speak language as I am very curious what the status of the electronics manufacturing industry has to do with my already built and working Nuage vis a vis updates to support Apple Silicon. A legitimate, sensible explanation will likely suffice as the unit is 10 years old and I understand that technology marches on but, as written, your current explanation smells like a cattle farm.


So sad. I don’t know if Steinberg or Yamaha are willing to open up/discuss. It would be very much appreciated.

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I’m not a nuage owner (one can dream though) but I can imagine this will not go down lightly in our community.
Whatever the reason is, for dumping a complete ecosystem (future macos versions); a reasoning for it and a perspective for current owners of Nuage on MacOS is absolutely pivotal.
If I would have bought a setup in the last 3 years (since Silicons arrival) i would be a little bit distraught.


Ummm, correct me if i am wrong, but Nuage is a daw controller. So that means that there is some kind of software that communicates with controller ?
Is it not possible to write that software so it works on apple silicon??
I mean, almost all industry leading software devs made their product work in apple silicon.
Am i missing something?


Hi all
I think this is really bad for the whole Nuage community.
our community, small or large, has courageously chosen Nuendo and Nuage as a valid alternative…in my opinion better alternative…to the overwhelming power of other tools that are standard in the audio post production industry.
I do not discuss the excellent performance of Intel products, but for those who work at certain levels in the entertainment industry, the use of Apple systems is not an option, but a need for stability and to use a reliable system, more others currently on the market.
Our Company is in the process of creating another 2 mix rooms in Dolby Atmos and I was evaluating the purchase of another 2 Nuage systems, but it is not my intention at all to use operating systems based on the Intel platform.
This communication from Yamaha represents a defeat for all Nuage users and all the virtuous audio production houses that have chosen Nuendo as their proprietary platform.
In the absence of proprietary hardware running on apple silicon, Nuendo is, for the time being, confined to b-series DAWs below many other minor DAWs that still offer, albeit poorly implemented, dedicated hardware on the Apple platform.
All of this is unacceptable and sad for me personally.
I think it should be a priority for Yamaha Corporation to support its professional users, solving the problem or creating new Apple compatible hardware, allowing those who have invested and believed, to be able to continue using Nuendo in their cinema mixing rooms.


Well written @disctodisc this is terrible for the Nuage community. As soon as Intel Macs are no longer worth having around the Nuage is dead for the Mac community but beyond that, the decision to not support the newest Mac platform is tragic. My choices now are to stay on my working system without upgrading, purchase a $10k plus Mac Intel tower or purchase a new Windows PC.
I’m guessing that this is a decision based on coding resources but if that is the case then just tell us that, don’t tell me it has to do with the electronics manufacturing industry, just tell me you don’t have the resources to commit to writing the code. Bad customer relations on the part of Yamaha/Steinberg.


Hi all,

Getting a bit lost here.

This post looked like Nuage + M1 works (N11 w/ Rosetta or N12 w/ Rosetta only I guess though):

But this statement from Yamaha says it is not working M1-native and will not:

This post says there is hope that it will work one day (M1-native I assume?):

And in Nov 2022 we actually got a new M1-native driver for CC121, which seems to show that Yamaha/Steinberg could care for M1 users…

So what is the actual current status for Nuage + M1 native setup ? Does not work and no hope it will ever work? Or some hope?
Actually bricking the Nuage for M1 users - or condemning them to using Rosetta - given the price of the Nuage platform and the fact that some Mac-based professionals probably invested in this platform until up to 2 to 3 years ago - would be a very detrimental / risky message for Yamaha to send if they actually want to maybe come back to the market with such kind of product in the future… Who would actually buy it if Yamaha cuts support that quickly for clearly objectionable reasons?


Sorry, in my situation it does currently work on an M1 Mac Studio running Monterey. I have noticed a couple of situations where I had to do the work a bit differently, I am not sure if that is the Nuage running on the M1 or just my new system and I am missing perhaps a key command or preference from before, still working it out. My concern is whether or not it will continue to work if I update my system to Ventura in the future and, of course, the concern that it will keep me on Rosetta.

They could, I hope they do.

This would likely dissuade me from ever investing a significant amount of money with Steinberg/Yamaha in the future.

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Thanks for your reply. So I understand it works on your M1 Mac Studio but still running N11 with Rosetta, so not M1 native. And if you move to N12 you should also still use Rosetta, which is a bit of a shame if it is actually the only solution Yamaha/Steinberg impose to you. Also, I’m not sure how much time Apple will actually be supporting Rosetta…

I’ll also edit my original post to make it clearer between Rosetta and native.

Just to clarify regarding my post about hope:

… I got a lengthy reply from Yamaha when asking this very question. It seems there is hope, at least.

I’m sorry, this reply was before the official statement from Yamaha.

I think this is absolutely detrimental to the reputation of Yamaha Pro Audio, especially among us studio folk. I would suggest Yamaha engages in the discussion, or at least offer us an explanation (technical, economical, whatever it might be) if this is going to settle well with the users. I mean, surely there must be a good reason?!

Thanks - unfortunately - for your clarification.

I’m not sure I actually fully understand Yamaha’s statement related to the “current status of the electronics manufacturing industry”. Did they actually mean economical issues or supply issues or …?

Also, being a bit blunt, and maybe I’m missing something, but I don’t actually see a major difficulty - for a structure the size of Yamaha/Steinberg’s - of engaging a porting project of Intel-based Mac Nuage ‘eco-system’ source codes towards M1 native (Apple Developer Documentation). There are probably lots of companies that could support Yamaha/Steinberg in doing so at a reasaonable cost if need be.

Finally they could also highlight that it’s maybe not their current #1 priority given the current large base of Intel-based Mac users and availability of Rosetta solution but that they would commit to providing M1 native support for Nuage for instance by early 2024.

I would encourage all pro studios to strongly raise the point to their Yamaha/Steinberg reps. An example of the right way to go would be the long term - 20y - support provided to the DM2000 with softwares updates delivered until 2021. This is what we actually expect from such a great company.

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Just bumping this back up as we Nuage owners deserve a better explanation from Yamaha/Steinberg as opposed to the marketing blah blah.

Agreed. Explanation and commitment.

I had doubts about upgrade my DM2000 systems and invest on Nuage. Now no doubts…

hi, we are building 2 new atmos studio in our company (one big with 20 seats), in wich we will need big control surfaces. We already have 4 studios with Nuendo and a studio with a very nice nuage 32 fader. we have created a strong community of nuendo user around or studios. we currently already have 5 Mac studio M1. Unfortunately, because of these announcements, we are seriously considering switching to pro tools permanently. It’s very sad !