Nuage and M1 Mac

This is just poor decision making; I find it unreasonable that a company the size of Yamaha cannot afford to allocate resources to bring Nuage up to speed on Apple Silicon, especially since they have known for several years that this was coming. They happily charged all of us a lot of money to purchase these systems with the implied guarantee that they would continue to support them. Now they are potentially losing hard won customers over some accountant’s decision, it’s pathetic.

If it’s about money, we can pay for an update. 149€ would be enougth ?

@TimoWildenhain how much to update Nuage to Apple Silicon? Give us the opportunity to keep this going, we spent a LOT of money with Steinberg/Yamaha for these units.

Sorry if I’m asking the obvious, but - wouldn’t it be the most meaningful thing to switch to a non-disruptive OS like Windows, then? After all, Nuendo works exactly the same on both platforms, and Windows machines are cheap (by comparison) and reliable.

Appreciate the thought, it has crossed my mind but the studio just spent a lot of money updating to Apple Silicon in every room, just prior to the announcement that Yamaha/Steinberg would not support it.

not entirely true… the Shift-Mouse-Wheel-Scroll behaves opposite when the Mac-Wheel behaviour is switched to the “normal” behaviour liek on windows. This drives me nuts everytime I actually sit donw on a Nuendo with Mac :face_with_spiral_eyes:

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Agreed, happy to contribute - reasonably - as well. Would be a shame to brick this significant investment for M1 users.

If this isn’t just a Pref that has to be set then there are utilities to change that behaviour. I don’t have a link at hand, but it should be easy to find in a Web search.

I am SO glad I never traded in my old WK ID for the Nuage system.
Shocked to hear it (Nuage) has now been officially dropped too. Not Compatible for Apple Silicon systems, neither are the Dante drivers & firmware and apparently both Monterey & Ventura with Intel chips is ‘testing’ which probably means it won’t work properly or that there are problems.

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Nuage is working here with M1 Studio Monterey 12.3.1. Only problem is screens are not displaying info. Touchscreen is blank. OLED - blank. I do think this is a Nuendo issue and not Nuage Manager though so maybe a fix could happen?

If not, I guess Nuage is dead. Looking at SSL controllers.


as a previous ssl nucleus owner, i would suggest to look at something else. they (ssl) tend to drop driver support for their products when “something new” comes, that happened with nucleus.
tried uf8, nothing special and still mackie control .
i would recomend avid controllers


Avid controllers are great (I’m a S1 user) and offer professional workflow / quality!
And there are constantly firmware and Eucon updates. Unfortunately, Steinberg has some issues with Eucon, so there are several bugs and the controllers can’t take on their full potential. I’m pushing this topic since years (EUCON Update!) and @TimoWildenhain confirmed, that there will be more support.

Searching the web for good news on Nuage (again), I came across this site. The linked article raises some interesting points (speculation, but still) about Avid’s money-making ‘scheme’. Even if Yamaha is primarily a hardware manufacturer it wouldn’t surprise me if Yamaha Pro Audio could relate (speculation on my part).

The site gives an interesting perspective on how Avid control surfaces (and others) are “treated” when they get old. Good to see that Neyrinck software still keeps many types of older controllers working! Of course, third party software sandwiched in-between computer and control surface could never compete with the incredible tightness of the Nuage.

Eucon seems like an incredibly versatile protocol that is continously developed. Could a Eucon surface potentially be just as tight with Nuendo? Or is it already on a similar level?

I have put my Nuage up for sale on Reverb (Master sold, Fader avaliable). I’m sad to let it go. At the moment I have no idea what will replace it.

I am truly happy with using my old C|24 with Neyrincks V-Control Pro software. Thing is that such a small company can fold pretty easily should they encounter problems.

I must admit I don’t get Yamaha’s reason to abandon the development of the Nuage series software.
At least tell it like it is; we didn’t sell enough units to justify setting up a development team to do this update. Blaming the shortage of components is a stupid reason and a trend of our time. How will a shortage of components affect already sold units?



I am a Windows user so my Nuage is working flawlessly with Windows 11. But I would pay, even I don’t personally need it, to make sure that Nuage can move forward on Apple Silicon. I buy Dorico with every update and don’t even use it because I want to make sure that Steinberg/Yamaha keeps revenue flowing for continued development. I’m sure I’m not the only one that wants to make sure that the Nuage ecosystem and Steinberg stays solvent.

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Same here, the Nuage system is great and I hope it will remain available under both MacOs and Windows for a very long time.

I use both Windows and MacOS on different machines but currently prefer to stick to Windows just for work and games and MacOS for my personal daily go-to machine and for the music studio,

Could probably do with Windows as well for the studio but not my favored solution, also due to the fact that I just invested in a Mac Studio Ultra, that currently unfortunately runs Cubase 12 under Rosetta thanks to Yamaha/Steinberg…

Happy to contribute financially anyway if Yamaha/Steinberg need such support to port the Nuage system to Apple Silicon.

Makes sense from Yanaha’s perspective, why blame them?

The root cause for all of this, continuously, is Apple. They clearly care little for ‘customers’ and break everything, all the time, with every new OS and every new computer. This results in a very odd ecosystem where many are afraid to to any updates & where often the results require many more out-of-pocket expenses and/or work problems.

Personally, if I had the bucks & the need to use a Nuage, I’d simply use a good Windows platform & where things are mostly not continuously broken by ioiot updates. I use both platforms, but honestly, the waste of time with Apple over this completely unnecessary shite … On the mac side, I just stay with the 7.1 Intel Mac Pro & even my 5.1 continues to run.

It really is a tough situation. I am running Nuage (Fader+Master) on a Mac Studio in Rosetta. Hardware works great, screens are blank. I have suffered through this for quite some time now but am getting back in the studio more and need a real solution or figure a path forward.

It doubly hurts as I was the “Nuage Guy”, doing all the videos and documentation, traveling overseas etc. My workflow is so ingrained, I’ll feel like a newbie on another system.

Apple does “break everything” but the tradeoff is tough. Nuendo on an M1 is just stunning. And you can run any audio system you like with the Nuage controllers. I switched to a Merging HAPI and Ravenna. Apple’s switch to in house silicon seems generational and should hold for a decent amount of time. So if we could just get this little fix in, it could last the rest of the service lifetime of the hardware. That’s all I ask.


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Ashley, you were absolutely the “Nuage Guy” :smiley: All those videos were great! Thanks!

When you mention different audio systems: The discontinuation of the Dante Accelerator card by Audinate was a major setback in this whole matter. But Focusrite has now released a similar card that supports Apple Silicon. That tells me it could be possible to make the Nuage system complete again – including the audio part of it!?

(I too would be quite content if it worked just as a controller.)

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Yes, the videos were great, thank you Ashley!

C’mon Steinberg, one fix so we can all continue to use the Nuage for the foreseeable future!

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