Nuage and M1 Mac

Timo! Help us out, we bought into the Nuage ecosystem, now we feel like Steinberg has abandoned us.

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Of course! You can also use the DVS (Dante Virtual Soundcard) just as easily. The channel count won’t be as high as the card but 64ch is a decent amount. BTW, I have a Dante accelerator card here if anyone is interested.

To be clear, the hardware controllers are independent of the audio system in Nuage. You could have an Apollo interface with the Nuage controllers and it would all work just fine and dandy.


Ok…I am not down with it…but I am forced to accept that nuage did not work on Apple silicon…but that upon the release of nuendo 13 with new graphics…this is not implemented in the software…is another blow that shakes my immense granitic belief.
Nuendo 13 with graphics from 12 … let’s hope that at least the restyling of the interface and a few more little features will be granted to us …

I am sorry to see such a beautiful and functional object wasted and to see hopes betrayed, of a viable alternative to the overwhelming power of Avid.


I’ve got mine to work well but I have to run an instance of Nuendo on a PC as the “A” workstation to get the Mac Studio to work as the “B” workstation.

I was getting ready to sell mine and was hooking it back up to the PC to test things when I discovered this as a last ditch effort. Everything came back to full functionality. I removed the auction and am again happy with the best controller I’ve ever used!

Here’s that thread:



For anyone interested, I recently upgraded to Mac Ventura and “thought” that was it for Nuage but the Tools for Nuage 2.2.0 Mac Intel Only update is working fine under Rosetta with my M1 Mac Silicon. Cheers!


Can you describe the process you used here Ashley? That thread you linked to is dead.

Is this N11? N12? N13?

All the best

Just to add to this thread. Nuage works fine with N12 under rosetta Using OS14 Sonoma 14.5. No luck yet getting N13 working on the same, using a PC as DAW A yet, and Mac Studio as DAW B yet as Ashley mentioned. Anyone else who got this method to work please post here your process so I can try to duplicate

I would say that it appears at least at this stage, that the issue is simply software related. It seems like it should be relatively easy to do this even with Apple Silicon / Rosetta solutions. This is just a data stream input and output.

I’m on the last OS version on Mac Studio.
All working fine in Rosetta.
Cubase 13
Nuendo 13
Nuage: 1 Masterbay/ 3 Faderbays


ok, I didn’t realize you could choose purposefully to run an app as rosetta even if it was coded for apple silicon. (its in the Get Info) right click option on the app.

Fantastic, Success!!! my babies are back online!