Nuage and Wk Audio id II

Good morning, everyone.

I want to bring up a rather old discussion.

The WK Audio ID II.

After purchasing 2 Nuage, we had to reluctantly go back to using the old WK Audio. I want to point out that we tested Nuage for over 5 years, configuring all available functionalities in every possible way. Despite that, we found that with WK Audio, we can reduce processing times by up to 53%, and this has a significant impact.
We work in the field of sound design, Dubbing, audio post-production for TV and cinema.
Likewise, we are involved in music production of soundtracks. (using MIDI, VST drum machines,…) . All the features I will list below are equally available and functional in MIDI editing. We have a total of 6 control rooms: 5 in the studio and one on a truck for field productions.

Let me list the main features of WK Audio that are very important to us.
The jog wheel with dual-function keys is the true heart of the console.
Adjusting parameters like the duration of fade in/out clip gain without being bound to the indicator is something invaluable and unparalleled. (without touching the mouse)
The same goes for event trimming.
All of this can happen during playback. Allowing to rearrange and edit most audio files of a section in one or two listening passes.
It’s also possible to do all of this while listening/recording or even before the file is played back without interrupting playback.
All of this can be comfortably done with just the right hand, allowing the left to control the faders. This is thanks to the dual-function jog wheel and the ergonomic positioning of the editing keys.

A practical example:
We can clean and edit 3 voice track of a voiceover/dubbing during the recordings.
At the same time we can make a pre-mix of the final results in front of the client.

You can mix the level of a background music and ambience at the same moment while working on gain crossfade and fade of a dialogue, all during playback/recording without using the mouse or keyboard.
Eventually Mouse and keyboard are also integrated into the controller, avoiding cumbersome makeshift solutions on the controller’s edges.

With Nuage, you can try to imitate these functionalities, but you always get poor results, not due to the lack of control surface quality, but because of its different concept.
Last but not least, the WK Audio works perfectly with a USB connection. The setup, customisation, and device installation take just a few minutes.

I would like to ask the developers if there is a possibility of seeing some editing features of the WK implemented in a future controller or in a Nuage update.
We believe that, like us, there are many people who are interested in these features.
In our thirty years of experience in this field using and testing practically all Steinberg products, we are confident that such performance is still unmatched by any competitor’s product.
A modern development in this “old direction”, with proper implementations of current technology like Nuage’s fader section, would truly be something incredible. We are also certain that a similar console could attract a large number of new users. This is evidenced by the decade-long interest from professionals in purchasing, repairing, and replacing old ID controllers rather than buying new ones.

With affection


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Nuage is discontinued. There are no more updates coming. :disappointed:

This news saddens and disappoints me. Does it mean we have been left behind? Does anyone know if new controllers are in development?

You can read the chronology of the fall here.

Hi m I’m still using 2 x WK ID controllers, excellent build quality, I just find myself replacing faders.

Big question here……

We have a WK ID Control that we love and has been serving our needs flawlessly since 2006. I am about to replace our computer that still runs N3 on XP.

Does anyone know of the ID will work with Nuendo 12? I still have the WK drivers on CD’s.

Win 10 Pro Nuendo 12 WK ID all good

There was a firmware upgrade to N4 maybe do a test with N12??

Eprom upgrade

Thank you. That is encouraging!

I still have that eprom in the original envelope from Mattias at WK. Not sure I still have the instructions on how to install it though.

I think I still have the instructions,)if not I can send you a pic) do you have the updated button labels with the eproms?
There is a bug with the update however the" Momentary(while holding the button down) function with the 6 buttons surrounding the jog wheel, locks on some times instead of returning the set function upon the release of said button, (drives me crazy) .
They have also jammed too many new features on the buttons around the jog wheel.
I would try it with N12 without updating first. N12 has WKID in the remote menu.
The driver(if memory serves) you have still works in Win 10 ,and I,m pretty sure it’s (the latest) also on the Steinberg web-sight somewhere is the Midi driver and test software for Windows .
I also have it if you need it.

Yes I found the new labels today in the envelope with the EPROMs

Several years ago the LCD’s in the eq section started showing garbled info…I could not seem to fix it. I looked for loose connections on the boards. Mattias (the owner of WK) was trying to help me trouble shoot the issue when they went out of business.

Is the ID ok now?

It is fine.

I´ve had a IDmix lying around for years and now I found a way here in the forum to get it working even in Sonoma. And even Nuendo 13 works.
Unfortunately my unit´s faders are just dead. They don´t give any data out and dont move. The encoders work though as well as anything else as it looks. Fiddling around with it I must say I think I´d really use it. Does anyone recognize this dead fader-section issue? Does anyone have some kind of service manual or electric layouts for any of these units? There is not much marked on the circuit boards. Is there maybe a fuse somewhere?? Can the unit be factory-reset in any way?


I just got my new system built with N13 by Chris Ludwig from Fundamental Audio. It works perfectly with N13. Even the faders all work.

I just can’t say enough about Chris and his patience with me. We started trying to resurrect my Nuendo 3 rig back in August. Then discovered my USB. Dongle wouldn’t work. Got zero help from Steinberg and had to bite the bullet for a new system.

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HI, did you find anyone that repairs them in the UK, mine seems to just flick on then flashes, i am hoping i can get it repaired or find someone with a wiring diagram. cheers