Nuendo 10.2 - Video Rendering & maintenance update available

Dear forum-members,

I’m happy to announce that we’ve finally released Nuendo 10.2, providing the Video Rendering* (MP4) feature
and more than 45 fixes in areas such as ARA, Direct Offline Processing, Field Recorder, Video Cut Detection and many more.
*Please note that on the Windows platform, Windows 10 is required to use the Video Rendering function.

You can download the free update and version history here: Nuendo 10.2 Download

Kind Regards,

OMG, thanks !

Hi Timo! Good news! BTW, the video rendering feature appears to currently support only 1080p MP4/H264 with stereo AAC at 16 bit… this is okay for now since at least there is progress as we see the new video engine finally pick up this feature from the Quicktime days – but are you planning on adding other audio/video options/codecs? This is pretty limiting if this is all that will be included.

We would also ideally benefit greatly from the capability to just replace audio in the clip that leaves the original video data intact and does not do any recompression. But more codecs/options are more important for now. Can you comment on that please?

Hello Timo.
Thnx for updating us.
As I and others wrote, I stopped using the demo after a week or so and waited for the video rendering to come out plus fixes.
I think this is the time to demo the real full 10. Is it possible to demo it again? after the 2 delays Im beyond my demo time.

Plus - 720 hours of demoing is of course an absurd. most of the demo times is wasted on vacations of summer, sleeping, working on N8.
What happened to the old demo program that counted hours of a real use?

We are Nuendo users will buy the update of course, most of us are pros here, but we need to check stuff thoroughly before using it.

Thanks for the update Luis and Timo :exclamation:
Wishing that there is the Ripple Edit :wink:

Export window redesigned. Well done!

Thanks, Timo!!

All you need to do the demo again is an additional elicenser. The only thing about the demo process that is expired is you can’t run the demo again on the same elicenser. If I was seriously considering an application this expensive I would not have a problem buying or lay my hands on additional elicenser to demo with. But that’s just me.

Is your personal name is Timo?
Are you here to give elicensers for free?
Are you the guy from my bank branch know what I need to ask for my software supplier?

Yeah, This is just you. Stop writing in the name of Strindberg and the holy spirit. Im not the only one here

Great stuff!!

++1 - yes, a little surprised at the early limitations here.

Thanks for the new features.

Export video is REALLY limited. It should be more like the “export audio” feature. And it failed at first. The workaround: export audio in realtime and, when it fails, back to the offline process. I think this feature is great but needs to be more polished.


Sorry I really did not mean to make you stressed out. I have 2 elcensers and have run several of these trials twice myself.

If you will PM me your PayPal email, I’ll send you $30 to buy an elicenser. No, I’m not kidding at all. I would be happy to do it. I hope your day gets better.

Something weird…I always run the elicenser after I update Nuendo or Cubase. This time I was met with three failures, dialog boxes saying this version of elicenser was too old. First time it’s ever happened to me in all the years using Cubase and Nuendo.

Anyhow, I updated through the menu, installed the latest version from the web and it all works now.

Same exact thing happened here.

I must admit I’m disappointed with the video export functionality as well. This was a big reason for me upgrading from Cubase to Nuendo, and as it stands it’s not really useable for me.

Just little things … our business supplies H264 video with AAC striped at 320 kbps as a standard preview, and I can’t select that audio quality. I also can’t quickly restripe the video that’s in there (like how Logic Pro does it), so it needs to be re-rendered every time. That takes awhile, and also doesn’t even seem to offer the full benefits of re-rendering: I tried exporting two videos on the video track as one and it wouldn’t include the second video in the render. I was excited/hoping for similar options to the Audio Export window, where I could bounce out multiple videos (for example, different TVC edit durations) at the same time using cycle markers. Plus, it’s just really buggy and fails for me on offline export.

I think Studio One’s video export, introduced in 4.5, is (while not perfect) a good example of doing this right. I really hope this is improved quickly.

This is a great start. But the ability to export multiple video clips that correspond to Cycle markers for gaming reference is a must. And more video functionality, at least 320kps or the option to replace with full PCM wav.

But great work to get this finally in there!! it still has its value and i’m sure will improve further no doubt.

Bingo, my thoughts exactly. Would be great to be able to export multiple videos based on Cycle Markers. A total must.

But at least the Audio Export dialog window is redesigned, much better!

Just exported video between my timeline locator !! THANKS !!! It was so needed to me … :wink:

This is not the best solution in Studio One, several bugs because of dependency on third-party video tools e.g. should be mentioned…
It´s better to have this Inhouse, this is the right way to go.
But in the other points, I agree with you.