Nuendo 10 on an Avid S6

Hi Guys,

we’ve been using our Avid S6 quite intensely lately with Nuendo 10


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How are the faders, quiet?

Is it working smooth? Short comings?

To be honest, it is working better than we had originally imagined, btw,just as a disclosure, not a huge fan of Avid here I should say, can’t really buy into their subs nonsense and compared to Nuendo PT is outdated AF and we probably wouldn’t use it if there was no clients demand, that’s for sure…

Editing through MTM works mostly flawlessly. Would even go so far and say that panning works better than on the touch screen of Nuage Master unit.

Faders are certainly more quiet than on the Nuage, although I’ve heard that the noisy faders have been updated on the newer models…

Hybrid integration is fast, switching from LogicX to PT to Nuendo in seconds.

Only bug that is quite annoying, and I know for a fact that this has been brought up by other users, working with Avid controllers in CB/Nuendo, is that sometimes once you move a fader on the desk, it doesn’t exactly reflect the same position inside of the DAW, sometimes of by a few DB points, but that can be quite annoying especially in larger mixing sessions…

I don’t know where the issue is exactly, why this can’t be fixed, I suspect it’s either the EUCON not properly implemented in Nuendo, or Steinberg not being able (or willing) to do that, for reasons unknown to me, i.e. Avid refusing to give out any info on the EUCON coding…

I should also that, that the S6, feels certainly more “high standard” than other controllers out there, as should be for a price tag of almost 170K

Out of interest, anyone currently using any S series with Nuendo ?

Would be curious to hear their experiences…

I’m not using a S6,but I use the Avid Dock and the PT control App with Nuendo 10 and the intergrations is amazing,I have made the Dock so customized to do fundtions in Nuendo, I have a hard time usng Nuendo without it now. I have ordered a S1, and I can’t wait to get it, I know this is about the S6, but the Avid EuCon control sure works for me, I LOVE Nuendo, it is a great DAW…

Alright that’s interesting to hear…
Out of interest are you planing to use the S1 exclusively in Nuendo or is it a dual workstation ?

I use Logic Pro X and Pro Tools Ultimate, as well as Nuendo, and the Dock, with the Avid App with EuCon works just as well,The EuCon command that you can personally assign to any function of these DAWS is very deep,Nuendo is my DAW of choice,but I work with a lot of other Film composers who use these DAWS so I must work between them all.I feel the Dock is amazing controller, it also controls all the plug ins as well, if you can spend sometime with it,I believe after you use it you will want to have it, the S1 for me is just a nice addition, but the Dock and EuCon is a must, and personally, I use just 1 fader most of the time anyway

Yeah same here, although as I said we on our end try to use PT as little as possible.

When you got the S1 up and running I’d be interested to hear how that integrates in your workflow and your overall experience with it. I did not get my hands on one yet, but from what I’ ve heard it’s supposed to be great especially for smaller scale studios…

Will the S6 follow ALL of the various onscreen views in Nuendo? If you hide a track on screen, will it also be removed from the hardware?

It’s amazing. EVERY time I ask about the S Series (S1, S3, S4 & S6) ability to follow Nuendo completely, the thread comes to a stop or is completely ignored. I wonder why it’s so hard to get an answer to THIS one question?

Is the PT control app on iPad stable now? When I use it, it crashes N10, as well as the app itself when I hit the “tracks view” button. This has been a problem for a long time. I must say though that I’m using an old iPad.

If you hide a track on screen, will it also be removed from the hardware?

On my system, a MC PRO with 4 faders, it won’t and that’s very annoying (indeed).

Niek/ Amsterdam

Yeah, I know it won’t work on Sys. 5. That’s why I was trying to find out if this has been fixed on the NEW S series. I’m getting the sense that it hasn’t. Can you imagine paying $170k for an S6 and STILL having this problem?

I can’t answer that, since I’m not using that kind of setup. For us the EuCon works fine under N10 and Catalina…

It actually does on the S6 and Nuendo 10. Although I should mention that all our software is up to date and i am very well aware that the hiding and some other features did not integrate well on previous versions of S6 and N7 or N8. Should mention we only had the console configured for multi DAW use in September this year, so aside from the basics I am not so sure on the shortcomings in previous versions of the S6 running under anything else than PT

N10.1 with S6 19.10 works fine though, at least for my personal liking.
The stuff I’ve mentioned above is somewhat of a letdown but bearing in mind that neither system was programmed to be in primarily use or any extended use for that matter with each other it works surprisingly well.
If Avid only would be opening upEuCon a bit more…but that’s daydreaming I suppose

Well, THAT’s encouraging. It means we might have a shot with the S1. That’s assuming we can still get V.19.10. I was stable on V.18.3 and my iPad updated automatically and won’t let anyone revert (not even Avid)! :angry: So, the ONLY path is forward. But, what I’m seeing on the Avid site is lots and lots of complaints about lost or broken features (even in Pro Tools) for V.19.5 and higher. V.19.9 sounds like a real nightmare! If it’s not working in PT, what chance do the rest of us have?

I wish I could find a way to actually put my hands on an S1 with Dock running N10.0.1 (I can’t go to 10.1 or higher until they restore Transparent Tracks Mode) to check all of these issues out BEFORE I buy it! None of the dealers in my area have it and I was told that none of the dealers will give display space for controllers of any kind because it’s too expensive to set up all the different types of computers & DAWs required. There, apparently isn’t enough sales or profit margin from those that are sold to make it worth their while. :frowning: When I asked about the return policy for them, I was told “ZERO!” Controllers are special order items only. So, once you buy it, it’s between you and the manufacturer! I’m not looking forward to wasting money on return shipping for any problem items.

But, as I said this news is encouraging. So, maybe someone with N10 on an S1 will post a YouTube video showing that the issues have been fixed.

Yeah in regards to the versions, we are relatively careful when it comes to updates, my understanding is once you have made an update you can’t really reverse it. We are relatively kooky with ourAvid dealer, who runs basically anything for us as a test in their own studios before recommending it to us for update, and we also have the philosophy that, especially with EuCon and Nuendo, as long as it’s somewhat functional we are not going to update anything, it might make things worse…

As for the S1 and Nuendo, I would also be curious to see how that integrates…

May I ask why you are considering an S1 in Nuendo over let’s say a Yamaha Nuage or are you also working hybrid ?

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