Nuendo 11 Freezing on a BEAST Mac Pro Machine

hello, im strug eling with an issue on Mac Pro 160 GB RAM, Mac Pro 2019 HI End Machine.
Nuendo is freezing for a very few seconds while I work. Its freezing. When I tried to record the screen to show this issue with a scrren capture on Mac Pro, the issue is gone. How can I solve this problem to make it work vey smooth ?

All software is up to date.
I use:

can you please help me?
I wrote to Steinberg support but is didn’t received any response from them yet. (waiting over 3 weeks)

Thanks in advance.

It helps if you tell us the following:

  1. Model of computer, along with details on RAM, video card, etc.
  2. Operating System.
  3. Version of Nuendo.
  4. Versions of plug ins that are causing the issue (in this case, are they?)

I imagine you are using the latest operating system. Is it fully compatible with Nuendo 11.0.0?

Macos Catalina 10.15.7
Mac Pro 2019
160 GB Ram 2933 DDR4
AMD Radeon Pro Vega II 32 GB Ram Video Card
Nuendo 11.0.0

There is no specific plugin which is causing the problem. Just Nuendo. everything on Nuendo 10 was extremely fine.

I have a fresh system installation.

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This is a GPU driver issue on macOS 10.15.7 which Apple fixed for macOS 11. We will add a preference to disable GPU acceleration in the next update. But if you can update to macOS 11 (make sure all your other hardware and plug-ins work) you can enjoy fast graphics. The other option is to downgrade to macOS 10.15.6, but this is not easy.

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hello, I upgraded to Big Sur and the problem is stil but if I do not run any other software like fcpx, the problem is gone for now.

That’s valuable information. We will share this with Apple. Thanks.