Nuendo 12 and Nuage

I have Nuage system and just got Nuendo 12. All buttons and functions seems to work but channel displays on the fader units and the big display on the master unit are not working at all. It’s all blank. Is this known issue? Is this something that will be fixed with firmware update or update on the Nuage Tools software?

Strange, I’ve been on N12 for months now, and I don’t have any problems.


Are you using Nuage with the N12?

The well-known and big-eared @Fredo has been using Nuage since before it was released. So,


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That’s good

My N11 and C11 are working fine with my Nuage but N12 and C12 are working with all Nuage displays blank. This is the same if I am running the DAWs and B or C on different computer on the network.

I’m running macOS 12,1, Workgroup manager 2.1.2, Master and Fader unit v.2.01

I can confirm the exact same behaviour on my Nuage with only N12. no master section screen and oled scribble strips on channel faders all blank. works fine on N11. Fredo, are you on a MAC? I cant imagine it should matter, but for the sake of fixing this, I am on MAC os.

Also very very sluggish behaviour but thats for another thread as I think it might be mac related rather than nuage related.

Hell no. Windows 10 everywhere.

Can you take a picture of the problems?
Will report this.


Great, thanks. Will report that immediately.
For the rest, everything is working properly?


Yes I think so.


…and Cubase 12 has the same issue

Here is mine side by side with N11

Thank you guys, it has been reported.


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Hi everyone,
The same for us in out studio @label 42
no screen.
Mac Pro 2019 with monterey
Thks !

win 10, nuage 2xfader + master with nuendo 12 - all ok.

Version 2.1.3 of TOOLS for NUAGE will fix this issue. It is in the making and will be released by Yamaha soon.

Thanks for your patience.


Same issues here with N12 and Nuage - N11 running fine. I’ll wait for the fix from Yamaha …

That’s great news! I’m crossing my fingers for Apple Silicon/Monterey support too.

Thank you ! look forward to seeing it released.

any word on how long till this release? cheers,