Nuendo 12 Coming soon after Cubase 12?

According to the LA Yamaha rep, Nuage discontinued mid February 2022.

Being a Nuage owner, I hope that Nuendo 12 will operate seamlessly with it. Timo/Fredo: any sense of whether or not Nuage testing is being conducted with the beta testing of Nuendo 12?
Thank you,
Michael Peters

Working with N12 for months now, on two different Nuage systems.
No hickups so far.


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Thanks for the update! That’s too bad; it is such as amazing device. I’m glad I grabbed one before it happened!

Hey Fredo!

Will there be any Yamaha firmware/driver updates for Nuage or will the firware/drivers on the compatibility list for N11 still work with N12?

No need for any updates.


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Regarding the CPU spikes and overloads currently occurring in Cubase 12, am I safe to assume that those issues are already being addressed in the beta versions of N12 you have been “working with for months”?

No such thing on my system, so it must be a specific bug.
So I have no idea.


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Thanks for your quick response Fredo.

As a long-term Cubase user. I took a long time to crossgrade to Nuendo because it’s a backward system. Cubase is cheaper and Nuendo has the same DAW fundamental feature set used for production.

The reason it took me so long to upgrade is that Steinberg appears to reward Cubase users with upgrades first before higher-paying Nuendo users. After the last few Updates between Cubase and Nuendo have been really close together so thinking this would be the case I upgraded to Nuendo. But it appears Steinberg has fallen back to rewarding Cubase users exclusive access to updates before Nuendo users which is making me regret my “Gold Standard” crossgrade.

In my experience, Nuendo has been more stable than Cubase over the years, but if I had one ask, please in future release both at the same time or hold Cubase back until Nuendo is ready, The higher-paying users are getting a delayed wait penalty which isn’t fair regardless of what is in store for a new update, I feel if anything we should be first and Cubase 2nd or the least Steinberg can do to respect Nuendo users is release both at the same time. We are not 2nd class but 1st class and if we can’t be treated like that with new releases then at least we should be treated as equals.

Cubase - Silver Standard - Gets the updates 1st

Nuendo - Gold Standard - Gets the updates 2nd

This is backward logic for higher-paying Steinberg users, regardless of the additional feature sets that come with a Nudeno update. Again it would be nice for the Nuendo update to align with the same day as a Cubase update.

I know someone will go in for the kill and say oh but there are additional features with Nuendo and this is why it takes longer. While this is true and it is nice to have the additional features that come with Nuendo, I’m sure the majority of Nuendo users could get away with using Cubase and find the fundamental new updates that come in Cubase are used much more than the additional benefits with Nuendo.

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I wouldn’t put it that way. Nuendo has more testing because it has more features.

I knew this comment was coming, lets just hope its worth the wait :slight_smile:

The fundamental is, We don’t buy Nuendo to solely use the additional feature sets. We all use Nuendo as an overall DAW with added options that Cubase does not have. But those additional bells and whistles are not the fundamental usage, which sets my previous post into concrete.

Just look at the sh**fest that is the Cubase forum after the release of version 12 and be happy Nuendo will come later and hopefully have some of those issues solved.
Exactly because Nuendo is more of a critical production tool, is better for it to have a more conservative release cycle.

Guess why.


I know maybe it will not but

I’m hoping we see something tomorrow

usually I get excited after I see cubase released as in Nuendo we expect the same with extra additions

I don’t mind to wait ( but it is painful )

Been on these forums for two decades now, and this discussion comes up over and over again.
The user is looking and commenting from their point of view.
Excuse me the way I put it … (don’t take it personal) it is pure jealousy.
“They have something I don’t have yet”

From Steinbergs’ point of view, a joint release of Cubase and Nuendo is creating a gazillion other problems for the company. And even if they would be willing to release both at the same time, or release Nuendo before Cubase, it would simply mean that Cubase would have to remain on the shelves for a couple of months.



This simply isn’t true though. I don’t even think it’s true for the majority of post-production engineers. There have been at least 3-4 times during the past year where I’ve tried to help people only to realize that they’re using Cubase and that features are missing, features that would have helped them accomplish exactly what they wanted. And they’re “minor” things that we don’t think about that we take for granted, like features in Control Room. I use that every single day I work with Nuendo.

As for the leapfrogging Fredo is right, and I think you should maybe look at this from the perspective of a Cubase user. If SB did what you and some others want then the result would be this:

A new version of Cubase with new features would be finished but would not be released for X weeks. Cubase users would be aware of that and wonder why it isn’t released when it could be, and the answer is “Because that way Nuendo users feel better”.

I think that’s exactly what would happen, and we should remember that there are probably way more Cubase users than Nuendo users.

And lastly, the thing that makes Nuendo feel more like a premium product than Cubase to me are things like more features and a deeper feature set, the brand/name, generally speaking more professionals with more knowledge using it, and it being pretty darn stable.

I can’t emphasize that last part enough: As someone said, right now there’s a lot of chatter among Cubase users regarding CPU performance, and if it turns out to be a fundamental bug that can be fixed we can probably be pretty confident that it’ll be fixed by the time N12 comes out. In a reverse scenario we’d be finding that bug first and it’d be solved by the time Cubase rolled out. I’m betting that would lead to complaints by us instead.

Modern DAWs are great, Nuendo is amaze-balls (the best in my opinion). Waiting a month or so isn’t a big deal. If it was like 6 months or whatever it was in the past I’d be annoyed, but hopefully that’s not the case. It’s not a big deal. Turn on the news and put things in perspective.

PS: I don’t mean the above to be ‘personal’ btw. Just voicing my opinion… 'cause I’m bored…


actually there isn’t a perfect scenario that will satisfy everyone

but we as Nuendo users over years we know that usually cubase update come first then Nuendo

so there isn’t something exceptional about this year that we should be mad about

That’s not the case with a big part of Nuendo users (that is, most of the people who actually chose Nuendo over Cubase because they needed the post features).

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As a former software developer and program manager, to me Steinberg is right to release Cubase ahead of Nuendo. From a software perspective, Cubase is a subset of Nuendo. Nuendo can’t be released until dev and QA for Cubase is complete.


I prefer to have Cubase release first; this way the bugs are worked out by the time Nuendo is released. The reality is that the Cubase users make up the majority of Steinberg revenue, so Steinberg has a very strategic reason for releasing Cubase first. I’m sure the infusion of cash partially funds a lot of development for other products, including Nuendo. I trust Steinberg/Yamaha as a company, so I will continue to stay along for the ride. They haven’t done me wrong during the last 19 years, so they have my trust.