NUENDO 12 Post Production Template

Does anyone know where can find downloadable Nuendo 12 post production templates?

None that I’ve seen. I’m getting a few ready to offer on my personal site for stereo, 5.1, and 7.1 formats. When I finish fixing a few more things I can drop a google drive link here for you to download if you want.


Thanks, Sean! Not sure why Steinberg hasn’t considered or thought of this.

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No problem! I’ll post all three formats in case you need 'em. It’ll be a good trial run to see what I can improve before releasing it officially, too!

My guess is Nuendo’s target audiences have historically been more towards people who’ve been in the industry a while. So no need to really make templates for seasoned professionals. For the rest of us young bloods/newbies it causes quite the steep learning curve.

The foundation for my current templates came from Thomas Boykins Pro Tools videos. That helped me a ton, though I still had to translate some Pro Tools features into Nuendo’s layout.


Well, Nuendo offers some templates. Not many, though. :wink:
There are always nice people in the forum (like @PostAudioforMedia :+1: ) who share their templates. Especially in the last year, some templates for surround and atmos projects have been shared.


I’ve a few and some atmos templates. etc. Constantly updating them.

Easiest way to find them is to visit my YT channel and look in description. All links are there.

Plus, there are videos to support the files and explain how to use them.

Please do not distribute these files. If you wish to share them, please use the original link to where you found them.


I an not at my place of work right now but would share once we are back. We use 3 template, one for drama and documentary, one for radio and one for film. Foe radio we use dearVR PRO and dearVR MONITOR exclusively and for others its mostly native tools with a exceptions esp related to reverb.


@PostAudioforMedia - I have been using ProTools HD for 20 plus years for post but now I just want to dive deeper into Nuendo.

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Awesome @Rajiv_Mudgal

Also quite interested in your templates @PostAudioforMedia !

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Awesome! I’ll post the drive link in a few days. Got a live event tomorrow and preparing for a large orchestra Christmas concert right after Thanksgiving. Just got to fix a few template things that I noticed after the last project and get a quick setup video done :smile:

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Whenever someone has linked one of their templates for download here in the last month, I have downloaded it out of interest. I’ll have to see if I still have the templates, then I can link them here. I cannot remember which member created the template, but I’m sure the generous contributors will not mind. After all, they were the ones who put them out into the world. :wink: :innocent:

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See below for more information.

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I’m sure they absolutely will mind. Reasons we do this stuff for free include that it gives a little exposure and interaction with people. Also, without using the original links there is no way to support the product.

All my free templates and software specifically mention that they should not be distributed by anyone else.

If there’s no mention of anything like this, you should at least be crediting the original creators.


Is it okay to bump your ‘everything creative site’?
Although I subscribe to you YouTube channel (and excellent it is), I wasn’t aware of your templates!!

Great stuff…

Phil Pendlebury (


Thank you that is very kind. I have bunch of new templates almost ready to go. I will post back when done. :slight_smile:


There are only templates included that have been posted here on the forum in a thread for free use. There is nothing from a site like yours. (Apart from the Dolby exercise template.) We can also link to the posts themselves, but for many of them the link to the template may no longer work.

I meant it in a friendly way, but I don’t feel like discussing it now. So I have removed the link. If you want, you can find the individual templates using the search function. If a link no longer works, you can ask in the thread.

Though I no longer use a Template but work as I go in a linear sequence these days. After Edit lock, the process of cleaning and matching Dialouge starts. Then they are brought in the project and Foley Matched. Next Ambience is tackled and then SFX, BKG and finally Music as music stems come in.

Atmos Template
The N12 template has some interesting stuff such as using Nuendo native tools to achive 7.1.2 Upmix and good ones. The template uses Exponential Audio Reverbs extensively and Wave MV rest all is native. Please do Share your experience.
I have also shared an old handout from my workshop.
links to sound design are also share to listen.

7.1.2 Upmix


As it should be, or post links to them, so that the original posters are credited.

There is nothing strange about what I am saying, it is perfectly normal creator’s etiquette. :slight_smile:

There is indeed no need to discuss it further at all. Thanks. All is cool. :slight_smile: