Nuendo 12 to 13 update, just bought, not working - Solved

Please, can anyone help, I’ve tried everything for the last 2 hours or so, still says verification pending… I’m feeling down and exhausted…
Just bought the update, but it ignored my Nuendo 12 license and updated my Nuendo 11 to another Nuendo 12 license. Awesome…:slight_smile:

And it says Verification pending, no Nuendo 13 voucher in my account. Can anyone help, pretty please. I’ve synced my USB key, last eLicenser software, read how to activate and reactivate your license, but nothing works.

Thank you for your time and support, I love iLok from the bottom of my heart:-)

I realise how this is going to sound, but the question has to be asked… are you absolutely sure you didn’t just buy the Nuendo 12 update for the second time?

Cheers for the post, it hasn’t been specific, it’s just called Nuendo Update, but I double checked before I bought it at Best Service and it says “for current users of Nuendo 12”.

Interesting. I’ve never bought from them so don’t know how it works with Steinberg products.
The only thing I can think of is that they have mismatched the purchase offer with a Nuendo 12 license key. It’s probably worth contacting Best Service directly at this point as Steinberg is likely not directly involved at this stage of the sale.

Yeah, I’ve already done that. I’ve spent a good chunk of money with them over the last 15 years or so and it’s been smooth sailing so far… until now. I’m simply clueless.

Thanks for getting back to me anyway.

Understood, and it’s a pain when it goes wrong, but hopefully this is a simple one for Best Service to sort out and you’ll be on your way.

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If they made you a promise, they should keep it:

You always get the latest software version (or a free update) available at purchase/registration date.

And you can’t do much wrong. As far as I can see, Best Service only offers the full version of Nuendo 13 for 829 EUR or the update you linked to for 189 EUR. There is no other choice.
Very good prices, by the way. The full version is 170 EUR cheaper than from Steinberg itself. How does Best Service manage this? :astonished:

Mine says the exact same thing. Bought mine from Steinberg, Chat does not open for another 2.5 hours from now. Frustrating.


I remember I had the exact same issue upgrading from N 11 to 12. I had to call tech support and they issued me a new code. Something to do with Steinberg not having an elicenser anymore or something. I always buy my codes direct from Steinberg so I am not sure why I have had this problem the past two updates from them.

When you enter the code, you will be asked which version you want to update. In this case you should not simply update version 11 - but cancel it.
V11 to V13 is 299.- not 189.-
At Steinberg there is a point you can contact by email if you want to exchange / return licenses.
But first I would contact BestService.

When I purchased the updates on November 15, 2023, the payment went wrong and I did not receive any codes. But Fastspring has already responded and is paying back the money.

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Thank you for your input. I already own Nuendo 12 license and so I’m already on the Steinberg licensing system and it simply should work correctly.

Still unresolved BTW… Interesting, that a chat support exists only in the US, wondering why. I’ve contacted them anyway, but being in Europe they were not able to help. Calling Steinberg support in Germany tomorrow.

It is strongly recommended to purchase the updates on the Steinberg website. any middleman and source of worry. that said, disconnect the license manager program with the disconnect key. restart your computer then reconnect to the license manager. I don’t think that will play a role. the price of the license is 199 and not 189 for the transition from nuendo 12 to 13. already on the price there is something strange. do not hesitate to send an email to steinberg.

Hi @ericmusicstrasbourg,

it seems as if Best Service currently have one of their sales weeks (numerous products are price reduced). So, at least to me, this looks like a legit offer:


Nuendo Update | Steinberg | | DE


Thank you, but it doesn’t make much sense to me. I’ve been using Best Service for 20 odd years, it is a perfectly legit “middleman”. I have spent a lot of money there and never had a single issue. I have started my Nuendo journey with version 2, updated many times and it never made a difference buying directly from Steinberg or a reseller. Gonna call Steinberg Germany tomorrow and I’m very curious what they have to say.

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I am also a customer of bestservice…it is a good company. we’ll see what everyone says. it’s really strange. keep us in touch.

Je suis aussi client de bestservice…c’est une bonne entreprise. nous verrons ce que chacun dit. c’est vraiment etrange. Tiens nous au courant.

You bought a 12 version, zoom in on the picture.

I’m zooming as much as I can and it still says “update FROM Nuendo 12”.

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Sorry haha i misread the text part silly me. Not enough coffee this morning.

Hope this get sorted for you!


Cheers. Another notable experience, when you call Steinberg Germany, it is only a FAX number. Awesome.

OK, my issue has been finally resolved by Wolfgang at Best Service. He walked the extra mile and issued me a new Download Access Code which just worked right away. So happy. Hats off to Best Service, and, uhh, a quiet booo to Steinberg support.

Now, let me see that white bold font:-)


Those prices seems to be without VAT. I’m in France, I have a company with a registred VAT french number and I have bought my Nuendo 13 upgrade for 169 euros directly from Steinberg, instead of 199. They remove
The VAT if you are a business customer with a registred VAT number inside EU.

I don’t think Best Service can make such discounts in regard with what Steinberg proposes with VAT included.