Nuendo 12 Trial available

Dear all,

we are happy to announce the immediate availability of the trial version of Nuendo 12.
With the trial version you can test the application for free for a period of 60 days without limitations.

Try Nuendo now for 60 days | Steinberg

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Great, How would one install this next to N11? Does it impact elicenser?
Also see my post: Buy N12 now, install later > possible?

Sorry to be that guy, but, is there any news about the fix for the broken Ambisonics bussing?

As I had nothing better to do this morning I thought I would download and try the N12 Trial version.

I’ve followed the on-screen instructions: update Download Assistant. Run it, select My Product Downloads. Install N12 and then run it.

So far the N12 splash screen has appeared and it has been ‘Checking Licenses…’ for 1 hour and 25 minutes so far. I don’t think this is right.
I have received no Download Activation code nor any other type of code.

Edit: After rebooting the PC and running N12 again it now says that it has a network issue and can not reach the Steinberg servers. There is no network problem at my end.
Any suggestions on how to complete the installation?

System in my sig.

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Strange start indeed…
I tried to purchase an upgrade from 11 to get the 20 percent discount.
I can’t buy it because when I’m at the final “payment” phase, the system says this email
is already in use (yes, I know this is my Steinberg account). :smiley:
Ok, let’s get some support… It’s also not as simple as elsewhere, but no problem,
I found my area from the support list (Hungary - Yamaha, email address is:
Not a single answer for a day!!!
Not bad…
Dear Steinberg, How can I purchase Nuendo 12 upgrade and who will help for me in this???
It was way more simplier in the past when I purchase 10 and the 11 upgrade.
Maybe time to change? :frowning:

Hi. I’ve tried to download the trial vesion but it just takes me round in circles - there is no workable link to the download. So how do I get it, I’ve logged into My Steinberg but nothing there to help. The Nuendo product page has a link to download the trial version but it doesn’t lead anywhere.

Any idea on how to proceed? Thanks, ColinD

If you haven’t received an E-mail, your provider has probably blocked it. But, don’t worry, the installers are available via the Steinberg Download Assistant. The software will install the Steinberg Activation Manager in the background, a program that will allow you to activate the Nuendo 12 Trial license (assigned to your account upon requesting the trial already) on the computer.

I’m sorry you offer a trial butno link to activate it or any information how to do it
Any help

How can we even receive an email there is no link to click on the trial page ?

“Sign in or create your Steinberg ID to start your Nuendo 12 trial.”
So this means after you sign-in you can get access. It’s not a simple download like other software, but that is because it uses the assistant. Do make sure you have the latest version and maybe even do a reboot after install. I had zero problems installing the trial with my account.

I’ve tried all the suggestions but nothing seems to work. These are the steps I’ve followed:

  1. Clicked on your link. Opens up the “Try Nuendo Now for 60 Days” page.
  2. Click on the Nuendo Link, takes me to a “Download Nuendo Trial Version” link
  3. Click on this link and it takes me back to step 1!. So I click on the MySteinberg link to log in to my account.
  4. When I sign in to my accountit lands me on the (my) products page which, among other things, contains a “Redeem Download Access Code” link.

I can go no further from here because I have no download access code. There is no reason to suspect Gmail has blocked any mail containing such a code because I get them all ther time from Steinberg, VSL, Kontakt, to name but a few.
So what to do next? - thenks, ColinD

Well i did this i’m signed in still no link to click ! I install Nuendo 12 with Download assistant when i start Nuendo it just doesnt find a licence.
So Help please

Hmm Ok let me think… did you run the Steinberg Activation Manager?

Is there something there?

Yes i did the only software that shows up in the menu is Cubase Pro 12 trial that is expired !
Is this trial only available to Nuendo users?

Yesterday and the day before I spent a very long time on calls to Steinberg Support in Germany trying to get the N12 Trial going. They concluded that there must be an issue with the new Steinberg Activation Manager on some systems, so they have taken copies of data from my PC to research it. This probably means that by the time the problem is solved the special offer discount will have ended!

I used N12 trial for some time. I just bought the upgrade license from 11. But that activation code does not fit my eLicenser… how does this work ?
ha ok this code is for the steinberg download assistant to do the upgrade…
would be nice to mention it on the mail steinberg sends really.

please put the code on Steinberg Download Assistant

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