Nuendo 13.0.30 mixer routing GUI needs another revision

Changed in 13…0.30 but it does not make things better… I rely on being able to glance at the outputs and inputs on the mixer and be able to tell that my routing is correct or where things are routed to without further clicking.
However the 13.0.30 update prioritised an arrow icon over the actual text of the routing.
I cant actually see text on the routing until you expand the mixer to supersize width


Here too, if I reduce the track width too much. The arrow is a bit useless. I’d like to point out that I’ve opened a thread on all the graphic bugs to list.


Ok cool thanks for adding it to that other thread. If horizontal space is an issue I’d be happy to see the routing text take another vertical line up if it meant better readability


I just updated to version 13.0.30, and this was the first thing I noticed. It’s so annoying and useless in its current state. Have you found any solutions to revert it back to the old format?

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Havent found a workaround no

Very annoying, distracting clutter and useless. Why? Please allow an option for old display.